Crotonic Acid

Lu Ling Xi will not curse, eyes quietly watching a water landing swarthy. Land and water is a look of guilty, condemning gradually lower down. Lu Ling Xi like small tail as followed behind Wang Shuxiu, the mother and son to sit next to, Xiao Feng funny watching them both to a person relying on a piece of pork, name of rounders, said: "Come on, try me craft." Lu Ling Xi touched the big black head, "this time to six."

Sulang remember his previous call and talk Yen Ye Kang Yue, Yan Ye Kang also said the short time will not return, how suddenly the color a few days back to the country, listen to the words of Kang Ye also live in the country a period of time? Sulang Although Yen-Vietnam relations is good, but probably because the Yen's character, his knowledge of the face has been limited. He heard faint Ye Yan Kang said the family is too much trouble, is it the home of Yan What happened? Sulang thought could not think of anything clue or late to call the Yen greet it. "Pulse How many?" "60" Qianlao shook his head, hesitated for a long while as appropriate, said:. "This strain of Rieger begonia begonia is not nothing new, is more like an evolution of Rieger begonia" "Where?" "I said it so casually, not a fool. Besides, even if he is really fool can distinguish good depends on, you know it is good or bad environment." He's hard to describe the feeling of Wang Shuxiu, the other mother and performance is completely different, without his mother the impression that some dignified and elegant, however, he subconsciously wanted to befriend her. "what happened?" Uncle Lee hand flick, this time, no way to comfort themselves and then hearing voices. Fortunately, Father stability is maintained, simply squat on the ground and the old dog talking. Adult class in terms of age, this old dog is about to over seventy. Dogs can be considered well-informed students, actually, and quite capable of Lee uncle comes together. One person, one dog waffled on for hours, just to be to find her mother's flower garden small stone in the eyes. Shortly before noon, the micro-gardening temporarily no customers, Lu Yan Ling Xi was thinking of pulling the pair reconciled, he received Wang Shuxiu phone.

He left the side, Yan heard the movement to drive over to see telescopes on the ground face some ugly.

Yen more nodded, surprised cover under the heart. Lu Ling Xi nodded, quickly rushed over bath, obedient lying on the bed. Yan thought he gave a message more and more, "Yan brother you home yet? I want to sleep, good night."Crotonic Acid "How." Two fly angry way, he said, to pluck the leaves from the nearest half of lettuce, wash did not wash his mouth to eat a direct throw. "See, this looks like sprayed medicine?" Two fly Then they continued:. "Tomatoes take over." Xiao Feng to a small restaurant, easy route to see the upstairs window. "The youngest Look, brother to the peak."

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