Methyl Crotonate

Lu Ling Xi listen to the doctor talking about his operation to create a miracle. On the way the operation, he had once lost his vital signs, but a miracle happened, his heart stopped ten seconds after successfully beating up. He thought, perhaps surgery is not a miracle, but somewhere one kind of mysterious miracle. When this body's heart beating again, inside the body of the people is not the original Lu Ling Xi, but became him. The original owner of this body do? He is already dead? Or like him into a strange body, one originally belonged to his body? "Good." Lu Ling Xi with very rare to see Wang Shuxiu so happy, his heart is also very happy. Wang Shuxiu very surprised, "What is this?"

Yan Yue mean to him out of all his money, not a penny Lu Ling Xi pure technology shares, and of course the bank card inside three hundred thousand he would not close, just as his upfront. Lu Ling Xi how this proposal can not agree, the two men insisted that half of the money, accounting for more color and to share the bulk of micro-gardening. Lu Ling Xi think he has been regarded as an advantage, and White said he and his money are actually Yan Yue. They cleaned the store's health and simple return home the return home of some odds and ends, Lu Ling Xi off the lights, lock the shop followed by Yan got on the trot. Lu Ling Xi: "......" Lu Ling Xi look that more spent, dazed, "three." Little Monkey see nothing in him, more proud, and kept dry fruit pound he found them, but also to learn to play, like a grimace. Old Zhang Ling Xi Lu's face a look to guess his thoughts, laugh together, "Konishi is not worried Zhang Grandpa can not afford?" Lu Ling Xi, when all are done already in the afternoon, Clivia re rooting take a few days, his diligence, and the rest depends on the vitality of this strain of Clivia. Yinyong De took a deep breath, easing tone: "A more psychological aspects of some of the problems in foreign countries has been to see a psychiatrist that kid leaves home to learn these do not estimate a bit more and the Arab relations this thing actually. not a bad thing, the Arab has been concealed from us, we'll know soon accompanied the Arab mediation mediation. this thing is not a big deal, the Arab is too much pressure, Ye Hao to take this opportunity to rest. " "You can seize the moment and her sister gave birth to a student a course if the students do not want younger siblings does not matter, Konishi good child, and did not own a difference. Man Tate mind big point, the child did not have children, do not own all natural It is not important, is the wife of the person over a lifetime. "

He says random, Wang Shuxiu immediately dissatisfaction: "What are you too I'm older?" Lu Ling Xi just finished, Dongzhi girlfriend angrily carrying a pair of jeans from behind rushed out angrily against the Huskies and said:. "Smelly two ha, this is my new pants." Xiao Hong did not mind, "There are a number of these things, put a burst gone. So once a year also, so that small West lots of fun." He turned to Lu Ling Xi, "When will you go with firecrackers accompany uncle, uncle the most good. " "Konishi."

Lu Ling Xi quickly nodded. He hung up the phone, and Ling Xi Lu and Yan Yue said loudly. Yan is not the micro-gardening, Xue went through there. High Yongliang with begonias refined oil out of the configuration of the first perfume, specially invited Yan to see more samples. Lu Ling Xi listen that night to go for big black flower garden, the Yan readily agreed down, so Ling Xi Lu in the store waiting for him, he'll be right back. Just Yanyue Gang hang soon, the sky darkened suddenly, without warning, a heavy rain poured down. All of a sudden lightning, pedestrians have to avoid walking down the street in the rain quickly build up.Methyl Crotonate To nine micro-gardening opened the door, this strain of uprooting Chunlan has been carefully wrapped with sphagnum Ling Xi Lu, near the door into place, ensuring that it does not shine the sun, but can airy translucent. Until parked the car, and no one opening between the two men to break the silence. Yan Ling Xi Lu looked more gentle look, paused and said nothing, went straight off toward the trunk. Yesterday the store consumes more ceramic pots, return time, more specifically color flower garden with a group from the back of the store supplement consumption. Ling Xi Lu Yen saw more meaning, followed in the past will help.

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