Disperse Dyestuff

Lu Ling Xi think of those dishes are truly natural, than the market to buy food more delicious. Want a small restaurant business is good, Wang Shuxiu craft is one thing, tasty raw materials is also very important. Ling Xi Lu Yen turned to see more, crooked eyes, "Yan brother you come?" Xiao Feng and Xiao Hong chatting change the way Fengcheng, so they've got home about 15:00 and more 4:00. They parked at the door 3 units together to the house while carrying things. Shaw did not feel big black one million sniffed the breath out of the car safely upward wailing woo loudly. Beware not spent a walnut, just hit the top of its head.

Cub loud booing, "sister-in-law start now govern the Big Brother?" Plant survival degree: high Butler tight and walk followed behind Yan Yue, Yan careful glimpse of the expression, to do: "the second lady she ......" "Flowers, this is our home-grown vegetables, especially good these days long, for your family eat a few tomatoes." Lu Ling Xi hand hold her, I could feel Wang Shuxiu body tremble. He was afraid of the ruthless Wang Shuxiu gas, poor health, softly:. "I'm looking for a job, then I support you." Ye Kang looked like husky laugh again. Unexpected he liked only the Huskies, although obvious that the Huskies on this pair of trousers is not so obedient Lu Ling Xi described, but probably Father often said edge of the eye, he spotted at a glance only Husky. "It's name?" Ye Kang asked. The staff smiled and explained: "Do not worry, inside the rainforest because of the unique environment limited vision, in addition to small monkeys such a high station most people can not see how far there is to say armed police regularly patrol near the border, there would be no thing. . " Plant survival degree: High Wang Shuxiu mad, bitterly looked at what they thought of four conveniently find something to fight land-water meal, turned around and saw a large black, suddenly landing means a watercourse: "bite him."

In addition to fast response of the individual florist, florist are a lot of changes because of climate influenced, even with Fengcheng horticultural market also depressed again. But winter is the off-season plants have been traded, in addition there will be a small peak around the Spring Festival, the usual trading volume is much smaller than the corresponding summer. Many florists have a mental preparation, vegetables, flowers and plants are not the same as a necessity, but added quickly adapt to market changes. "Big black over." Lu Ling Xi to tomatoes poured over water, specifically to wash a big black tomato greeted loudly. Cub laugh together, "shed more lively than here, how boring, and computer say it." Lu Ling Xi struggling as they talk about the protagonist, this experience is very strange to him. He could feel Wang Shuxiu heartfelt pride, proud of him. He felt that he really did not do anything, just hugged the waist of the man known as the father in the chaos, so a little thing needs Wang Shuxiu so happy? Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu tilted his head looked in profile, the other reddish eyes is gone, then the smile is sincere heart. "Hello?" Sulang hurriedly waved and Lu Ling Xi, pick up the phone. Black appears from the Tibetan mastiff has been wary, hear the cry of the Tibetan mastiff outdone bared teeth also muffled roar loudly.

Black growled hunched down low, although because of the muzzle can not be issued with a sound much, but the back of his throat roar out more deterrent. Lu Ling Xi bemused reaction to the Black also has puzzled. Who is behind them with it? He did not know, but Xiao Feng know.Disperse Dyestuff Yan nodded the deep that it does. "Not right?" Lu Ling Xi look quirky, Wang Shuxiu temper out there, the more Yan Wang Shuxiu dare say he was carrying a frying pan to hit home. Although he said nothing, but his face one more soon beaten face posture, the color looked laughed. No matter now is to work the point, a lot of people out on the road, landing directly Lan Ling Xi hand, he went over Qinliaoyikou.

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