Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff

Xue Tong did not speak, he stared at the basin "mutation" begonias looked and looked, and my heart is still figuring it out of the hybrid, the possibility of mutation is too small. After all, compared to hybridization, different change is not easy. Fang Lei is really like a big black, this thing is proof of the Black powerful, it is simply called the nose radar. Xiao Feng Yan to Vietnam, said a cry, and gave Wang Shuxiu said loudly. Wang Shuxiu enjoyable day now, a land and water did not mention before that disgust. She sighed on the phone, did not say anything. That's good, land and water can be considered with a real job, earn his keep, food and drink do not drag Lu Ling Xi. Wang Shuxiu finally commanded a Xiao Feng, Lu Ling Xi telling this in advance, so that little bastard heart is not comfortable. This is also the meaning of the Yen.

Yen more stood listening to their conversation, gaze remained on the operating table black dog body. He drove nearby, this black dog does not know by whom hit, is struggling to get up and leave the road. Around several villagers heard, he nodded, along with them to ensure that these are really talking about. Ling Xi Lu Yan and more as one, deep that nod. Along the way, Wang Chaoliang happily to Yan and Lu Ling Xi introduces the scenery along the way, where he spent a few months, this road ran numerous times on every passing places are familiar. Yan the same smile, "Father, which means that I mean, I think a short break for some time Ye Hao." Black seems to be listening to understand this sentence, muffled cry, in Lu Ling Xi palm rub the rub. Listen Sulang mentioned cyanides, NGAN more slight frown, "you know what village?" Lu Ling Xi Tian brother does not know these laments, he is squatting on the roadside to feed large black bun. After eating two big black twist on the beginning he refused to eat.

Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu hastily pulled up, eager to explain. "Hang easy matter, I insisted to go to work. There is just a suitable, agreed down. Even contracts signed, said good to go to work today." Lu Ling Xi crooked eyes laughed.Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff Xue Tong Shun Liu said, also mentioned the begonias. He also had a good character, stick to the conscience of the bottom line, or he privately cultivated begonias no micro-gardening what happened. Of course, good turn deserves another, if he had not held out for the bottom line, there will not be behind this series of cooperation and the color of the. He says these are from Wang Shuxiu viewpoint Wang Shuxiu heart Lishu Tan, but there is no hesitation before, I feel a respect and Xiaofeng Sheng. Konishi no matter how well surnamed Lu, Xiao Feng always and their children is not the same. Marriage is such, they understand each other. Xiao Feng everywhere for her sake, she could not just their own selfish. Speaking of the body, do not know is not her illusion, despite the recent busy powerful, but she did not feel tired, like going back to when I was younger, very, very good mental state.

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