Solvent Dyestuff

Lu Ling Xi did not speak, Su grandfather nudged Sulang, motioned him to speak first. Two young men are easy to pull up close. Lu Ling Xi before the accident, after which they put to the hospital and Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu notified, did not dare to go home these days has been hiding out. A few days ago I heard that day easy route and together they fight people have been arrested, several people under panic to discuss Lu Ling Xi went to the hospital to see a neighboring city Duo Duo. A result, they have not to the hospital by the police to arrest, and a few days off last night to put out, saying it was all right. A few people for a night of rest the next day about the view Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi actually did not expect amnesia. ps: early hours is too hard ORZ ~

OK greenhouses right, gained around to the front. Two fly was standing beneath the car directing workers to receive good food onto the car. "Hurry up, hurry up. One would have to send in the past. Market midnight there will open for business." Ling Xi Lu Wensheng fastest response, "Yan brother you come back?" "You little bastard who dare to appear here!" Lu Ling Xi put away the phone and look to the window, under the greater the rain outside, like a horizon torn a hole in the water as it was down. The road has no pedestrian, and occasionally a car opened, also opened very slowly, Huangyou through micro-gardening. So long the Yen has not come back, do not know trapped in there, Lu Ling Xi little anxious up. "Are you hungry?" People have a laugh, Wang Shuxiu listening laughed. Five o'clock, Lu Ling Xi got up. He went to bed early last night, pretty good spirit. Simply pick up a pack, Lu Ling Xi go out with a big black. His grandfather and Sue about time is six, and eat a breakfast stroll past time also almost the same. "Su Grandpa?" Lu Ling Xi turned slightly shocked, in front of the customer is Sulang grandfather Su Wei positive. Prior to his hospitalization, Su Wei also positive to the hospital to see him several times. "Be careful, be careful."

Tentacle creamy skin and moist, like the finest jade. Yan is more friction | fondle another twist | knead until the kiss of Lu Ling Xi whole body felt weak, shortness of breath, wheezing stop. He slightly hard, the whole Ling Xi Lu picked up against the bathroom wall. Lips and teeth entwined among young sweet feeling, mind inexplicable flashed that sentence teenagers - in fact, I'm dead. The more the car to see Yan Ling Xi Lu squatting front of the store looking at anything. "Thanks, Dad." Lu Ling Xi behaved Road.

Eat a meal already at eight o'clock. Li Ling Xi Lu uncle as early as when they come to help them burn better kang. This time should burn brightly, Li Yan uncle asked to go back to remember the more add charcoal, he has settled in, just outside the room. "Come on, eat fruit." Wang Shuxiu hands around carrying several bags, one to put a bag.Solvent Dyestuff "Konishi." Yan Xue Tong have to admit that the more right. In fact, any industry is under vegetables Man, these people are willing to come forward to Xue through maintaining the rules of the industry, into the micro-gardening without any status, these people may not be willing to spend a sum of "money wasted" the. Even those big gardening suppliers face ever do start out with the involvement of new Chlorophytum embarrassed cultivation, until the market turmoil and then shot them, the Yen has nothing against them. Unless he is determined to grab a few typical activist in the end, but as a result in addition to offend the entire circle of micro gardening gardening without any benefit.

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