Yan in the heart Ling Xi Lu's body, almost immediately found his exception. "Konishi also heard Lu Branch?" Dongzhi listened very happy, "I just saw a large black good recovery, and then two days no problem." Lu Ling Xi did not pay more attention to stay on top of the Jaguar, his thoughts on the future of the how and Wang Shuxiu mention work on this matter.

A man she did not react, but soon realized that wrong. His body suddenly sprang a green snake bites over toward him, the man jumped off the fast response to the tree to escape the snake attacks. He was congratulating himself, suddenly I felt a sharp pain in the ankle. A bow, another a green snake hanging on his shoes, being forced to open mouth and bit him. The snake man understanding is common venomous snake in the rainforest. He quickly dug out from the bag body standing antidote, the wound dressing in a hurry to leave here. Men go too fast, and even lost in the body of the telescope on the ground have not noticed. "Sister I was wrong!" And he quickly and loudly. "Konishi, I think this pot plants with the pots that better?" Lu Ling Xi: "......" He was anxious, more color and more anxious. Yen more Enliaoyisheng supplemented with: "Now the new drugs being tested is already considered a success." Lu Ling Xi to protest, Wang Shuxiu joked:. "Well, you say to find a wife." "Yes." Then Xiao Hong said: "Good boy raised rugged point." He began to see Lu Ling Xi also think that some kids are too cute, like a girl like. From the big black black looks, he seemed to go the eye. Originally Lee uncle did not notice the old dog, snow or cool day, Lee uncle came early to see the inside of the flower garden plants have something, the way to the dog something to eat. Positive results of his bones to separate them, heard about the bird with the most edge of hair bald old dog barks a few times. Lee uncle do not know how it happened, I felt old dog is in bad times sigh, for fear that the outside stray dogs but also suffers.

"How? This is what happened a few months ago?" Li Dayong hearts of suspicion, watching Fang Lei disturbed asked. For juvenile sparkling eyes, Xue Tong subconsciously changed his tune. He understand why some micro-gardening business is good, and the face teenager smile, into the store empty-handed is very difficult to go out and buy something to be a hodgepodge. In particular, this home has everything as he also came from afar to buy two packets of white clouds limestone. Green Hin horticultural imports more than the wholesale price of a pack of doing only less than eight dollars. Such a view, he simply was being taken advantage of. Then how can public pool or hit by lightning, Lee uncle muttering changing the subject, "You and Konishi not eat it? Go home are readily available." Zhaolao we are smiling instead of everyone agreed. "Hey, hey, peak brother!" Lu took a water tight man wants to say anything.

Soon, the door opened a small hospital, a thirty-year-old man came out. The boy's face lit up, patted the side of the big dog, big dog suddenly rushed out, just blocked out man. Men see the big dog panicked and ran back the instinct is necessary, but the addition of a small door of the court quickly dogs, blocking his way back. A slight laugh, then grew inside the shed came out, people inside have suddenly laughed.Ciclopirox Ling Xi Lu just woke up some confused, he was eager to despise the body of alcohol bath, bath only to find that the results did not take pajamas. With his face these days more to live here more and more time, some of his daily necessities including clothing also gradually took over. Wang Shuxiu sometimes my heart will whisper the little bastard ran Yan ran over there too often, but every time the name of Ling Xi Lu is an excuse to leave her space and Xiao Feng, Wang Shuxiu not say anything. Yen more slowly here actually like Lu Ling Xi home, what have been. Wang Shuxiu hear orders, Lu Ling Xi obediently promised soon. He squatted on the ground prior to the big black paws rubbed, then washed his hands before going, helped Wang Shuxiu arranged the bowl.

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