Black and stroll over to eat breakfast, stroll to Lu Ling Xi micro-gardening. On the way he received a phone more color, something to the other party to the store late, a friend to the Fengcheng, a trip to pick up the color. For Huo Weiping of BU into Yanshi Hui also tolerant, Yin Ya is some urgency. She is now co-Pu difficult, if she missed the co-development of biotechnology Cape this opportunity, she would be excluded completely out of the center circle of the Cape together. Thinking and Laris Ann previous proposal, Ya Yin made up my mind once again back to the Fengcheng. "Well, you can go."

Xiao Feng Yan more missed, landing Ling Xi smiled. Along the side of the big black watchful stare Xiao Feng look, walked slowly to the wall squat, leap out at any time to maintain the state. Xiao Feng Yan's attention from the more moved to the big black body, with interest saw a large black glances. Dog humanity, especially the black dog is some public pool. He does not look like a big black dog in general, some clever overdone. Because of family reasons, the color of the "mother" word does not represent the feelings of deep meaning. Lu Ling Xi later also in the understanding, from the live Ling Xi Lu and Wang Shuxiu, he slowly appreciate anything. The ...... until the color from the bag and pulls out a pamphlet, he believes Wang Shuxiu heart may not like him, not necessarily to accept him now, but she still preparing such a booklet, maybe this is ... ... mother's heart! Yan Ling Xi Lu in the hand palm scratched, just let him go. Lu Ling Xi eyes seem to have a smile, more a stare Yan, hastily with the past. Wang Shuxiu there has long been ready, waiting for landing Lingxi take her out. Xiao Feng ingenuity to come up with Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu holding admission, Wang Shuxiu put his hand to the idea. By Xiao Feng's words, it would be him a promise in front of Lu Ling Xi's. He will take care of Wang Shuxiu, let Lu Ling Xi assured. "Good noisy!" Lu Ling Xi tried to speak, but his voice seems to be what Duzhe speechless. "Konishi?" Yan heard footsteps from the bedroom to change clothes out of a saw Lu Ling Xi. He put a hand over surprise Lu Ling Xi tightly in his arms. "Konishi how come?" Yan asked more softly, looking down on the amount of land Ling Xi Qinliaoyikou. Everything is a matter of course, the more color they wanted to go out tomorrow trip, also thought he had promised to wait until Lu Ling Xi after a 20-year-old's birthday, but he did not control the situation in vivo surging | desire, seemed to want to control. Just think of the juvenile and he will get, the more Yan could not help trembling happiness. After listening to the words of Yan, Lu Ling Xi blinked, facial features curved laughed. "Yan brother What do you want?" Young asked a serious look at the menu. "Today, how so early?" Yinyong De laughed. Wang Shuxiu hear he meant do not want to eat out, the moment is not hypocritical, refreshing and said: "My craft also had to go, and if you do not mind peak brother to go home to eat."

Yan did not explain more directly reported an address to several specific cell floor a few doors several households. "I want to buy this house, you find a way to get the owner as soon as possible." "It seems to Dongzhi stayed there for almost a month." Yan said something more casually. "mom……" Big black door suddenly some restless, and intend to bring the situation and realize that now can not be called, it had become arch squat body, made a defensive posture. Small black snake climbed half the house seems to have sensed something, hesitated paused, turned around and crawled toward the other direction. Some turn it too fast, turn tail moment, however, came close behind tied closed. Seeing it is necessary to climb the corner, a small house was suddenly kick open the door, several plainclothes rushed directly rushed to press down the four men in bed.

Not such a big thing Yanshi Hui Yan assured to the sea, sea Yen heart is not convinced, this time a positive performance, helped by a message Hupenggouyou poking around, just to make themselves look a high Yanshi Hui. Solve these problems, they looked around and left the flower garden together. Yan Xiao Feng did not ask what more do intend to take the flower garden, the Yen Xiao Feng did not ask the follow-up arrangements. It ended the tacit cooperation, no more to say.Crotamiton Wang Shuxiu holding spoon strange to see the landing Ling Xi, little bastard become so sensible? But then I thought she Lu Ling Xi amnesia, and now almost a piece of paper. She said her son was young smart sensible, are led astray by that old bastard. It would appear that amnesia is actually not a bad thing. Wang Shuxiu original gas to death, to see this scene could not help but laugh. "That's what you say you want to keep the dog?" Wang Shuxiu shut the door, rushed landing Ling Xi asked one.

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