High-light Dyestuff

Lu Ling Xi: "......" "Konishi." Lu Ling Xi does not know these small stones thought, if I know, and certainly too severely beat him up ass. He and all the way along the Black Fang Lei to find a small stone, is now near the songjiazhuang. Black here smell the smell of small stones left, muffled punch landing Ling Xi cried.

But the heart of the plant is no force of nature, the idea flashed, Ling Xi Lu could not help laughing feel too greedy. Last accidentally saved the large flowers Clivia got a little force of nature rewards, and found the effect of natural forces so special, this time he could not help but look up and think really greedy. For him, this strain can save wild Chunlan is already the largest reward. Lu Ling Xi looked, now topping too late. He found a small pair of scissors, motioning middle-aged man to see how he does. Some demo down, middle-aged man suddenly realized, grateful punch landing Ling Xi smiled. Hear the Yin Seiran discourse urgent, Yan Yongde is concerned that her daughter grandson, hearts comfort, gentle tone, said:. "Mention" Casually thinking about these issues, Lu Ling Xi vague asleep. When he woke up, Wang Shuxiu have to tidy up to go out. Lu Ling Xi somewhat uneasy frowned, shook his paw holding a large black, a small channel: "Big black you change cell and white panel is not a relationship?" "Stay here put it, such a large flower garden, it casually activities when told Xu three say remember to leave it in the corner every day something to eat on the line." Yan the open road. Ling Xi Lu Xiao Feng looked a hesitation to close down, "Thank you uncle." Yen more quickly guessed anything, "clinical trials have the effect?" Xiao Feng smiled to see her, "I recognize his son, and his son was kind enough to guarantee that let you wronged, you can not give me flowers birthright, right?"

Lu Ling Xi said they were guilty, I turned accidentally hit the color of the line of sight. Founder looked at his gray eyes fully understand his surging emotions. Since Daliushu purified to the village after village plant began soaring. Lee uncle yard hanging full of beans, the day before yesterday also Trustee Lu Ling Xi sent a bag of beans. They really eat their own, picking up again, it is about the disaster. In addition to beans, and cucumbers, eggplant, potatoes, sweet potatoes. The whole yard was almost always beans and cucumber vine covered, and some even probe into the yard outside. White Courtyard is an antique building, between the inside of the package is a separate separated small yard. Environment is very quiet, even with a pet, do not worry affect others. Xiao Feng Xiao Hung call the car, and so when they find the package gave between Xiao Hong has been waiting at the gate for them. Easy route his father was a small shed outside a cell inside playing poker, he looked up to see the easy route, surprised to have forgotten his cards out. Lu Ling Xi hear what he meant, he stared shyly at him. Yen more chuckle, eyes intently watching the landing Ling Xi, the deep layer of the eye seems to be floating in the shallow Peninsula. Juvenile simple thought, all emotion written on the face. He asked softly: "Konishi happy?" Lu Ling Xi nodded, totally did not expect the Yen would cheat him. The more he looked at Yan went terrace and closed the door, which does not complain. Yen more mouth brought back, hold back the urge to go around Ling Xi Lu, waved toward the juvenile, the rate went into the house. Lu Ling Xi do not think the other, followed behind Yan Yue. Yan has just entered the room was the more force in the arms, eagerly kissed lips. Long thoughts full condensate for a kiss, how are reluctant to let go of the Yen Lu Ling Xi. Hot love | want in the body rises, the more patience Yan desire for young, tightly confined him in his arms, until the pro Lu Ling Xi faint, long while slow, but God. Xiao Feng back in the day, Kang Ye also came Fengcheng. And the reaction time of the city as Xiaohong Gang, Ye Kang also change Fengcheng scared one. Via a high-speed toll, Fengcheng inside and outside urban areas like two seasons. While still as dull as winter, spring is already one side. Two are talking, far Zhanglao call a cry, "Konishi." Yan Enliaoyisheng more thoughtfully, unexpected: "You grew up west where the number of sets of words?"

Laris Ann slight frown, "just seems to always feel someone watching us? 'Sake because of illness, he was very sensitive to other people's eyes, he was sure was just looking at them, not the illusion. Dulin laughed, greeted the two men into the store on a wicker chair and sat down. "How do you come, something?"High-light Dyestuff Yan heart of a more flexible, although the juvenile tried to calm, but her eyes are very disturbed. He was a bit distressed, light laugh: "I also would like Konishi is no secret how you say the last part of this secret man fell asleep.." Wang Chaoliang thousand Reminder million asked to let Ling Xi Lu Yan and the more must pay attention to all kinds of poison, do not bitten. Although there is an edge, nothing is too toxic to animals in general workstations also have drugs, but it can not suffer or to avoid suffer. "In addition a person must be careful not to take the chaos, lost accidentally." He came to a person's identity with the caveat: "This is a huge maze, around the trees are almost long, also lost in case of trouble. "

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