Ethyl Crotonate

"Yan brother I will go back." Lu Ling Xi took the keys from him and whispered against Yan Yue said. "Okay." Makeup artist's voice shifted their attention, "the bride to come out." He finished all the people look to the locker room. Wang Shuxiu for a good wedding dress, walked slowly from the inside out. Rafflesia flower only once a lifetime, flowering only a short four days. Early bud bloom with fragrance, then it will emit foul odor irritating up. In the fourth day of flowering, flower petals king will gradually darken die, and then into a pool of sticky black substance within a few weeks. Wang Chaoliang Although not judge Rafflesia specific flowering time, but he and Lu Ling Xi can not stay here every day, want to see the bloom is certainly hopeless.

Wang Chaoliang stood beside him, slightly with emotion, said:?. "Konishi you know the majority of the Earth's plants and animals which inhabit the tropical rain forest, rainforest can be said that most of life on Earth stronghold but now everywhere is deforestation, rainforest on Earth getting smaller and smaller in the long run really ...... " The police did not take long to go, and Yan Lu Ling Xi pick up the pack, with large black flowers went home cooking. "Divorce divorce, but ......" Lu a water squinting his eyes, "Flowers for you to sell the house I have a peak brother money, I will divorce you." Black some reluctance in his arms rub the rub, Lu Ling Xi patient feeling big black head, the commitment:. "I quickly came back." "Little Doll not scared enough." This plant hardy orchid, is sometimes the root pruning can re-raise a new root. But it looked hanging orchids, or in front of a few people that will not leave it does not pick up. But young and fit Ling Xi Lu, Su Wei watching him to see his grandchildren just like to say this time will not pour cold water on it, but is quipped: "Little Miss ambition, and if this strain to feed Chunlan, available let me take a look at the old man, I followed long experience. " The day Lu Ling Xi quickly adapted to store life. When he got home at night, Wang Shuxiu already went to work. Good dinner on the table, as long as Lu Ling Xi hot enough. Lu Ling Xi had dinner and went to the backyard, the yard grow seedlings seems a little high. He touched the soil moisture, and poured a little water, received a ten-point bonus heart of the plant. Lu Ling Xi of the transition very smooth, small-scale micro-gardening, you need to transfer not many things, nothing more than how to care for plants and flowers shop, these are all Dulin Lu Ling Xi very assured. Month of her pregnancy a little big, often not prepared to complete the transfer to the store, and intend to do a walk away treasurer. Yan slightly more hook the hook mouth, "I heard I saying we should expel Yan Hai Yen, a bit embarrassed he comes back to his father moved out of the account."

Fang Lei: "......"

Ling Xi Lu Yen more Ce Toukan a sleeping face, hand to his forehead poke roots, very lovingly touched his face, determined to want to bow to a juvenile parent, fear of being around people see strange provoke eyes. He repressed his impulse to the heart, with the pulp rubbed juvenile lips, then smiled softly, seriously hand back from the hands of the booklet. "Sis what are you doing!" Tian sister held her hand to prevent discharge.Ethyl Crotonate Lu Ling Xi heard some loss, etc. after he react immediately pointed ears red. But speaking in addition to the morning outside a little sleepy, Lu Ling Xi's body without any exception. Yan is not how the more a night to sleep, but now they are still as lively as ever. They know that this is the effect of evolution, evolution not only bring animals and exchanges, as well as physical upgrade and improve. He casually asked one Andrzej looking for something more Yan, Yan Lu Ling Xi hide no more. "It's about Sulang that research institutions need the money they Progress does not go, you want to pull the pen Sulang venture."

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