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Handsome and cute daughter different Yin Ya Yin Seiran is a rare great beauty. Even today, we have over fifty years, but the maintenance is quite good, the color looks good half of the genes from Yin Seiran. Shui Ling Xi Lu Yen more leaning out of the hall, he was afraid to catch cold Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi did not dare to directly take out, first find the land Lingxi coat wrapped him tightly, with only Lu Ling Xi go to the parking lot. Lu Ling Xi way are very obedient, side with Yan Yue in obediently. They got into the car, the more help Lu Yan Ling Xi wearing a seat belt, Lu Ling Xi stared unblinkingly watching the Yen. The more he looked at Yan mind a move, pinching his chin and kissed him one, softly: "? See what" Yen more paused to eaten as an excuse to nothing. He meant thinking about paying attention to the image in front of the juvenile, he may soon regret. Because he saw teenagers buy their own after a package, but also specifically to buy a box of chicken to the big black. The rest of the road, Yan looked at the teenager himself finished, turned around and took the big black chicken feed. Rearview mirror, large black eyes narrowed happy face at the hands of juvenile gnawing chicken, the color should be looked intestines regret green. If he bought a copy, now you can not make an excuse to drive inconvenience teenager holding a bird to feed him instead of stupid dog.

Cub afternoon to send the store when the grapes are catching up with high Yongliang over. High Yongliang casual attitude, as if unintentionally passing on the way to visit, like the fact that it is. Last met on the high Yongliang Wang Shuxiu very good impression. Maybe people are prejudiced, he first met Lu Ling Xi, subconsciously felt Lu Ling Xi can keep out so that the child's mother is absolutely not bad. When he met with Wang Shuxiu, while the other, and he imagined gentle different, but Wang Shuxiu unique hearty crisp left a deep impression. Lu Ling Xi shy smile did not speak. She put sufficient momentum, Lu Ling Xi is still unwilling to let go, "I do not want to go to school, I want to work." They got big black run in the front, followed behind seventy-eight big dog. Fang Lei also bring dogs inside, all the way performance is very hard. Lu Ling Xi like small animals, small animals seem to prefer him. Every time he ran into the category of a puppy or kitten, around him are willing to cluttering, maybe. He touched reassuringly large black head toward kitten beckoned. Kitten seemed to understand his movements, body gently leap, a small step on a big black paw head, by a large black springboard got into the arms of Lu Ling Xi. "And you had a small West 20th birthday, we went abroad to get married." He whispered: "? Good" See Xiao Feng pick vegetables, two fly line and the sleeves also help the cub to be pulled, and my heart Zhi Ma two fly a wooden club. Squinting his eyes, quietly gained an excuse to pull out also easy route. Portrait of a row last time sitting in a small restaurant crowded doorstep. He mentioned Yan Yue, Wang Shuxiu immediately snorted. Unlike other industries, Xiao Hong these coal mines have true feelings. He asked to take over the party must be properly disposed inside of workers, in particular to look at the land-water prison. Wang Shuxiu now pregnant with a child, do not say Xiao Feng, Xiao Lu Hung can not put a water back toss Wang Shuxiu. This way, not mine hands who give money who had transferred.

"Little bastard." She talked about today is a land Lingxi junior high school life. According to Wang Shuxiu said, Lu Ling Xi grew up not love learning, primary good point, at least, can be mixed pass, barely on the junior high school will no longer keep up. Not every day is a fight truancy, after three days of direct semester dropped out, and nothing went after school. So hectic day in the past, in the evening, the whole community is the sound of firecrackers. From the balcony and looked, Ambilight half the sky, fireworks shine. Lu Ling Xi looked up lying on the balcony watching, behind him, Wang Shuxiu several people are bustling to prepare the dinner. Although winter dormancy, but the willow body vitality is still very strong. Lu Ling Xi looked up at the taller vaguely seems some big willow, imagine the scene after it evolved again. Lu Ling Xi, embarrassed, feeling the big black no more. But speaking the Black hearing more sensitive than he, if the last time in big black mother and brother Yan will catch up with him. So for a while there has been no movement outside, Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu guess should be asleep. Originally Yan Yue said to come to him, he thought, or go to Ling Xi Lu Yen more convenient. Wang Shuxiu Fortunately he was not caught, and if more is Yan Wang Shuxiu stuck in the house, then the consequences may serious. Last Yi Hang helped to find some simple shed in a circle around the fence block, now from the outside can not see inside the case. Lu Ling Xi quite guilty of want, but fortunately Wang Shuxiu routes are easy heart, and see the most is whispered so twelve, will not think too much. These tomatoes do not know what would grow up? Eat? President weird right? Some seeds will always reward the panel and common seed is not the same, right? Because they want to get married but also busy with preparations for greenhouses thing, Xiao Feng these days a bit busy. Lu Ling Xi back abruptly, his face is indescribable shyly. "Yan ...... big brother." Now, he did not even ears are red. Although Lu Ling Xi think he saw this little booklet, but was more caught him peeking Yen seems to be more than a hint of unspeakable means. Lu Ling Xi busy in full swing, even more color back never noticed. Yan took advantage of the afternoon the rain out of the trip, is Andrzej something to find him. On his return he saw Lu Ling Xi squatting backyard, to a row of plastic pots filled with unused. The bowl is in the spirit of the last two river dug mud, dark speckled smell. Lu Ling Xi smell like the same taste, the bitter grass carefully branches transplanted to plastic pots, and then filling water, identified those branches are planted well, a serious look.

"Well!" Dongzhi voice again attracted the attention of Lu Ling Xi. Lai three or four after Lai was arrested soon explain clearly the two acts. Two brothers open three weekday name Lanhuo money on behalf of, the activities around Fengcheng. Experience appropriate to start off a single child, they can cheat on cheat, it can cheat drugged. Small stones are lucky, some time ago Lai four drugs out of trouble, for this depends on three half earn less money, under distressed Lai refused to let four medication again. Otherwise, go on a needle anesthetic, a small stone is clever is no good.Ciclopirox olamine "Streets were filled with people, blocking traffic jam badly." Yan explained the sentence. Plant Requirements: None

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