Methyl 3-aminocrotonate

Little Monkey see nothing in him, more proud, and kept dry fruit pound he found them, but also to learn to play, like a grimace. If he now put teenagers lie on the bus, regardless of whether he left the band. Is not he can put in juvenile detention side, since then except that he will not have anyone to touch the boy. Just imagine this scenario, the Yen now to wait for them to drag on juvenile car, his uncontrollable wanted to touch him, wanted to occupy | to have him want to juvenile genuineness of a person belongs only to him. But he can not and will not bear. What are the consequences of doing so is, Ye Kang has made it very clear. People are social animals by nature, he was forced to go against the juvenile nature, the consequences could be extremely devastating. Because of previous poor health, in fact, Lu Ling Xi Xi still do not like to move, can not understand the big black Lu Ling Xi psychological, each own Sahuan time, have dragged Lu Ling Xi together. Lu Ling Xi speechless touched the big black head, forced by large black holding all the way went to the flower market.

Black woo muffled cry. Wang Shuxiu mentioning divorce, a land of water immediately explode. "What divorce, who will divorce you? Little bastard, son, you have to look at the house loose yet?" In which several shop around, Lu Ling Xi favorite across the street to a company called "Angel Baby" pet shop. Pet shop owner was more than 30-year-old man, called Dongzhi. Dongzhi who looks chubby, character and honest honest, being around people dubbed the dough. Every time people around funny Lu Ling Xi, he will help landing Lingxi speak. One to two to go, Lu Ling Xi quickly cooked up with him. According to Fang Lei's judgment, which is obviously an intentional poisoning case. But he asked, though these people are poisoned a village, but what people have, unlike targeted poisoning, more like indifference poisoning. Fang Lei and some do not understand, this was songjiazhuang and how much hatred ah? Lu Ling Xi with drank soup, whispered:. "Thank you." Lu Ling Xi without delay, immediately gave Dulin make a telephone call. Dulin been waiting for news of him, to hear Miss Ling Xi took over the shop very happy and immediately going over the handover formalities. Yan Ling Xi Lu with the original four at Fengcheng purify the soil, planting willow specifically looking for soil purification, as is so big one day and willow related, but apparently things are going better than he expected. Lu Ling Xi nodded, thinking of the Yan said that this will not go back, how are irrepressible smile. "I brought the bottle of wine then, Xiao Man you put where, and will be out to everyone to drink."

Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu hastily pulled up, eager to explain. "Hang easy matter, I insisted to go to work. There is just a suitable, agreed down. Even contracts signed, said good to go to work today." Fang Lei behind these things do not know, he drove straight to the spirit of water village head Li Dayong, asked before and songjiazhuang conflict is how the matter? Lu Ling Xi really want to make progress Sulang research continues, but more so Yan said he was more worried about making investment decisions Yan too hasty, once said: "Yan Big Brother you do not control rubescens, and if this study ... ... "

Tian sister did not care for him, "I came, you know where these things a young man how to clean up. By the way, a small land you have not given your mother cry?" Ye Kang voice heard, "Yan more back home, we eat a meal."Methyl 3-aminocrotonate Yekang Si Yan and the family, "your parents them ......" See Xue Tong Yan Yueming white, did not forget to watch for their own power, that is, the look on his face, his position in the circle stand out, those big gardening suppliers willing to face. Otherwise, the name of the micro-gardening banner go, you see, things will not be so smooth.

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