The blue cyanine B

"I……" "Boom" is heard, a land and water slap in Wang Shuxiu who did not play, but playing in a bunch of odds and ends above. Yan put up one more finger.

Black woo muffled cry. Fang Lei want to touch a large black head was tilted big black escaped. Police snickered up, Fang Lei laughed. Compared to humans, animals, keen intuition to be too much. Black dog from the front of a wave of teenagers who feel very comfortable atmosphere, which some want to close this atmosphere. "If the future has no other suitable house how to do?" Wang Shuxiu little worried. Yan looked at the message, eyes soft, "Good night." Compared Ling Xi Lu surprised, Sulang see he was surprised. He is to leave matters in the Beijing process, suddenly received a phone call at home. Su grandfather on the go morning exercise met a group of punks fight, accidentally rolled into injured. Fengcheng waiting for him to rush back, listen to the police said the gang punks are running a clean, got left a heavy injuries in the hospital, it seems to be called Lu Ling Xi. Sulang quickly back to God, concealing laughed, explained:. "I know the point is fur, are following grandfather learned, he retired to do nothing like what to keep all sorts of flowers" Soon, the door opened a small hospital, a thirty-year-old man came out. The boy's face lit up, patted the side of the big dog, big dog suddenly rushed out, just blocked out man. Men see the big dog panicked and ran back the instinct is necessary, but the addition of a small door of the court quickly dogs, blocking his way back.

From micro to gardening bookstore not far away, it did not take a bus, walk all the way went over. Hang Lu Ling Xi Yi remember amnesia thing, every intersection to be deliberately Lu Ling Xi refers several times, called his words in terms of strengthening the memory. This is a part of their activities Fengcheng central location, lots of very busy. At this point it time to work, bustling very lively. Easy Hang scratched hair, cling Lu Ling Xi, "OK, ah, the third wiser, brother, I was relieved."The blue cyanine B Yan more not come yet, Ling Xi Lu Yan did not urge more. Clean up the house next door almost, the fence between the yard workers have also been opened, the entire back yard is fully connected up. Wang Shuxiu some initial concerns, Lu Ling Xi and Yan feel more familiar again is two people, so that together is not very good. Then listen to the meaning of the Yen, Yen think the more do not care, they face no more home more energy thinking about, and would not say anything. This is not the time Yan, Lu Ling Xi night nothing went next door to tidy up. He evolved half a dozen pots of spider plants, covered the walls, to ensure that formaldehyde is absorbed inside the house clean. "No, Yan brother is a good man." Ling Xi Lu Yan for more defensively.

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