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Big dog wounds not handle, outside the rain had stopped. Sulang see the landing Ling Xi eyes flashed a strange smile, but soon disappeared without a trace. Kang Ye Fang Lei and several people arrived one after another, we get together joked. Sulang across the table and looked at the Yan Ling Xi Lu clenched fingers, pick up the phone to delete the pictures of the above. The picture was in Jing'an District, Beijing was the primary school, Lu Yan Ling Xi took the more positive standing with the primary entrance janitor old man saying something. Sulang did not tell anyone about, just a few days before he has to go in Beijing. For some it is not clear mind, and he deliberately went out of an afternoon's Jing'an District was the primary school, but how did not expect to encounter Lu Ling Xi and Yan in the primary entrance. Yan the ugly face of fast response slam the brakes. If he read that right, men take the initiative to hit his car, he thought of the inevitable Pengci. Cold face opened the door, a step in the color of the car. In just a minute, around the pedestrian has a two car surrounded by a packed.

Prior to the delivery, these QiuJun to pick a good pot is watering and fertilization, and sent all the leaves cleaned it again. He wants to ensure that these large leaves and green dill Pachira brother to Lee when alive here, looking pleasant. Ling Xi Lu old man thought it was before they heard the conversation, nodded. AGF cell situation here better drainage in the cell although aging badly, but the growth of lush vegetation on the ground trapped locked a lot of rain. The people do not see the place, whether it is a tree or blade of grass, their roots are trying to stretch out the absorption of rainwater storage. "Well, Xiaoya it?" Perhaps some of his daze long time, big black Ling Xi Lu licked fingers, do not forget to remind him out of the goal. Lu Ling Xi bent eyes laughed whim of big black said: "? We run together to see who Xianpao past." Black said again, seems to be landing and Ling Xi words. Andrzej has come to the hotel, the Yen is looking out of him information, he secretly hiding in the room gossip boss. Chukyo license plate? Yan more? He will be in Beijing Yen family man? Lu Ling Xi in the past has been to stay home, home on the land circle and completely unfamiliar. He did not know whether the Yen family home and land and from what? If anything, he still try to Yan more rare as well, he is not wanted in the past and lives longer have any intersection. Yan Yongde look bad, he scolded: "Ah now think the more you do go as early as the son of the Arab much more pressure to temporarily take a break Yan Hao alone a sea wants to pry the Arab position also??. not enough."

Luheng Chuan assistant interrupted, raising his hand, then looked deeply Wangshu Xiu, Chen Sheng said: "? You know what Lu Lu Jia Ling Xi Renjieguizong means give him, is that you can not always give the" Fang Lei did not deceive him, directly to the majority of people poisoning songjiazhuang told him. Li Dayong honest man though not stupid, immediately suspected that they understand that this is dry, the moment to injustice shouted, "We are and songjiazhuang There are some conflicts can already solve this thing. They say it was wrong, also they are too bully people. because they built a plastic factory arbitrary row of misplacing the village behind the polluted river is smelly, and I also went to a few times, they do not promise to close the factory no problem. how the poisoning of the things that can be considered in our village head it? How many young people do not say our village, most of the old lady, who does not like to go to the poisoning of people, right? " Soon the phone is turned on, the Yen did not know how to begin. Lu Ling Xi eyes lit up, and he expected the same white panel can display not only spider plants, but other plants can. In front of the basin Scindapsus apparently cared good, although not the heart of the plant, but Lu Ling Xi mood is still very good. He walked in a circle around the first floor of the hall, going to the first floor all read through all the green radish. Doing mask looked Wang Shuxiu pick up the phone, remember Lu Ling Xiti off across the micro-gardening is a pet shop. In the eyes of Wang Shuxiu, pet shops are Pekingese dog, Teddy, this small pet pug dog, keep a home is not accounted for what, a moment back altogether. "Do you like to like." In addition to fast response of the individual florist, florist are a lot of changes because of climate influenced, even with Fengcheng horticultural market also depressed again. But winter is the off-season plants have been traded, in addition there will be a small peak around the Spring Festival, the usual trading volume is much smaller than the corresponding summer. Many florists have a mental preparation, vegetables, flowers and plants are not the same as a necessity, but added quickly adapt to market changes. "Is that these altogether." Du Lin Ling Xi Lu pointed out to look. He mentioned Yan Yue, Wang Shuxiu immediately snorted. Lu Ling Xi knew this one reason, some timid smile. Before Shaw one million lint truth he dared and Xiao Dabo said, of course, also do not know Xiao Hong Xiao Ling Xi Lu one million followed in a few days, not only Dun Dun meat, as well as the evening supper happy easy life a.

"Not right?" Lu Ling Xi look quirky, Wang Shuxiu temper out there, the more Yan Wang Shuxiu dare say he was carrying a frying pan to hit home. Although he said nothing, but his face one more soon beaten face posture, the color looked laughed. No matter now is to work the point, a lot of people out on the road, landing directly Lan Ling Xi hand, he went over Qinliaoyikou. Lu Ling Xi: "Yan brother said fourth day, but he should do a lot over there, the fourth day may not be able to come back."Methyl Crotonate "Go! I can grow into this son also unhappy with not marry her daughter." An address Kang Ye know that Lu Ling Xi house next door, he was silent a long while on the phone, I do not know how to tell Andrzej, less than two months, his boss has evolved from a robot-GEEK .

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