Disperse Dyestuff

Received a phone jack, Kang leaves some happy, "eat a meal together in the evening." He held the phone to the opposite Andrzej said, ready to come back a day later in Beijing. "Good." Lu Ling Xi promised soon, thought added:. "Yan brother likes to eat pork, green onions stuffing" Right after just this side of the bamboo production preparations are on track, and Huo Weiping Sulang rubescens on clinical trials achieved a breakthrough.

He says these are from Wang Shuxiu viewpoint Wang Shuxiu heart Lishu Tan, but there is no hesitation before, I feel a respect and Xiaofeng Sheng. Konishi no matter how well surnamed Lu, Xiao Feng always and their children is not the same. Marriage is such, they understand each other. Xiao Feng everywhere for her sake, she could not just their own selfish. Speaking of the body, do not know is not her illusion, despite the recent busy powerful, but she did not feel tired, like going back to when I was younger, very, very good mental state. Easy route satisfactory hook landing Ling Xi's neck, "the youngest terrific." Wang Chaoliang know Lu Ling Xi Yang also called a black snake, heard laughed together. "why?" Ye Kang said bluntly, frowning slightly more color, subconsciously look to Lu Ling Xi. Konishi Although the lips do not say, to improve the very heart of the environmental value. Ye Kang said he does not want to combat these land Lingxi enthusiasm. Besides Kang Ye do not know plants can evolve, if the speed of evolution of plants over pollution speed Fengcheng, Fengcheng even if no way to completely avoid pollution, but also can absorb all the pollution and exhausted, try to maintain the status quo azure clear water. Easy route dress and went to the hospital the day while watching Lu Ling Xi almost big black skull t-shirt, holes in jeans, his face with hair is colorful, just like the poster person Lu Ling Xi before the pack to come out the same. Seeing Lu Ling Xi walked away, shaking his head sigh Tian brother, the king of flowers be rain comes. Is a cell, someone we all know what a situation. Wang flowers temper strong, a woman propped up a home, but why not help land a water mud on the wall. Even if there is a son, what can foreland Ling Xi, simply means not on. Who wants to go on Lu Ling Xi gate of hell in a circle, reborn just like it is for a person. Now speaking, everyone says Lu Ling Xi amnesia good, do not think of things in the past to. There are a few jokes, someday own a little bastard can go amnesia. Ling Xi Lu Yan does not know the specific circumstances of the family, but he intuitively believed that the color is not bad. Yan even more done, and certainly justified. Lai three or four after Lai was arrested soon explain clearly the two acts. Two brothers open three weekday name Lanhuo money on behalf of, the activities around Fengcheng. Experience appropriate to start off a single child, they can cheat on cheat, it can cheat drugged. Small stones are lucky, some time ago Lai four drugs out of trouble, for this depends on three half earn less money, under distressed Lai refused to let four medication again. Otherwise, go on a needle anesthetic, a small stone is clever is no good.

Lu Ling Xi listening to his praise could not help laughing. Dongzhi in the eyes, as long as people like animals are good. But also thanks to Dongzhi mention a car, Lu Ling Xi finally remembered where he saw the car. He followed that a few days ago to the bookstore when the easy route, easy route was like Dongzhi as car traffic in front of a half-day saliva.

"? Is dead," said Ling Xi Lu is not clear when heard the news taste in mind, subconsciously he asked: "how death?" Off the middle-aged men, the more curious Yan asked: "Konishi is how you see it does not strain fingers eggplant topping?"Disperse Dyestuff Two police officers on the visual look, each smile together. They come on the one hand this is cleared of suspicion Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi on the one hand but also want to come forward to identify some video inside. Now Lu Ling Xi amnesia, which is nothing to look forward to. Since she can not find anything, there is no more left two police officers, but rather Sulang leaning Su Father to stay in the hospital. Heart random guess, QiuJun looked out the window, where the municipal office concentrated, green side of the road has been very good to see the weeping willows are basically more than a decade old trees. Lu Hong want to know he will have ten new courage to dare those mop-like seed trees here, where it is estimated that most broken Fengcheng, where grown most.

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