Solvent Dyestuff

"Do you live around here?" Lu Ling Xi curious. The last two days he frequently encountered in the Yen the pet store, feed noon when a large black color more in, and now met, Ling Xi Lu Yan only that more lives nearby. Wang Shuxiu thought a pound the table, "OK, you little bastard good people and bad not to say, he is not your partner do? Another day call home to eat a meal." ps: early hours is too hard ORZ ~

Yen more "ah" sound, no openings ask young father gone. Lu Ling Xi dressed and come out to see the big black is squatting front of the TV to watch the White Snake legend. He paused, curious, Ce Toukan a fear big black can understand. Lu Ling Xi looked a long time suddenly remembered something, "black it?" Lu Ling Xi's attention on the needs of plants and plant survival of the sweep in a circle, a little disappointed, but the hearts of some careful thought and felt as if it should be is this. He found the panel for nearly a month's time, although they are still not sure what is in the end panel, but there are probably some speculation. Fundamental or secondary panel does not function too Guards. That combined with the previous sentence, Lu Ling Xi wanted to revive the so-called panel probably Chunlan again with life, it is no longer a dead state, but can eventually come to feed, or to rely on his efforts. Field workstation Lu Ling Xi words evoke a trace of sanity, he tried to sit up, rubbed his eyes drowsily said:. "I got up." "How suddenly to be discharged? Doctors how to say?" The news is too unexpected, Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu fear is secretly without telling her and the doctors do have discharged. "This is how a? Dog king again?" Some villagers surprised Road. Yan curvature of the mouth just right, "very good." Lu Ling Xi nervous nod. Easy navigation: "......"

"That change tomorrow." Xiao Feng very good talk, "mainly to see his son, he does not eat it up." "? The return of the Yen" Sulang quite surprised at the news, then regret and said: "eating is no chance, I resigned, I am not in Beijing back in the Fengcheng." Wang Shuxiu's voice came from the distant window, "Little bastard send individuals to go?" As a graduate student Hua Guonong industry, QiuJun not idiot, but there's real materials. The pot is that he and his father picked together, whether plant type or color of the leaves are excellent, definitely the best group of garden inside. "Lu Ling Xi is not who you are a vassal, you should have your own life." Ye Kang thought of something, "outside air is also good, but still rare to see a blue sky." "Divorce divorce, but ......" Lu a water squinting his eyes, "Flowers for you to sell the house I have a peak brother money, I will divorce you."

"I feel this strange visitor. He seemed quite understand this, but some questions to ask twice for something like do not understand, and some illegal." Lu Ling Xi seriously said. Plant survival: LowSolvent Dyestuff Wang Shuxiu listening heart happy, mouth also happens fooling said: "? Who certified the essentials" He walked a little anxious, more positive face down in the trunk finishing the pots, and sometimes did not notice the back of someone. Lu Ling Xi by the past, the more color about to get up, raising his hand to feel his elbow hit something, then heard Lu Ling Xi heard a low hum.

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