High-wash Dyestuff

Uncle Lee did a good job this year, for the flower garden is really the heart. Before listening to Dulin saying we should turn out flowerbeds Father also feel pity, and so saw Lu Ling Xi, said Father nor pity. In his telling, small dolls shares the taste. City people may not think that he stayed perennial rural, out is the tree, the ground is a crops, pick wild flowers everywhere, people are not particular about the city close to nature thing, small dolls have so little taste. Lu Ling Xi guessed big black thoughts, smiled and touched a large black head, a small channel: "? Black you are not listening to her mother fell asleep." On the other side, Lu Ling Xi is a look of apprehension and Yan Yue said it. He was totally instinctive blurted out, even after he finished feels right, I do not know Wang Shuxiu think?

Ling Xi Lu Wen long time did not smell anything, the color of the more funny on the eyes, down his arm somewhat embarrassed. "Yan brother you going to finish off a fake?" Lu Ling Xi thought he busy day thing today, asked one. Yan regret the tone, "I and the small west out of the city, it is estimated to come back tomorrow, we owe this meal first." Qiu Tian gardening is the largest Fengcheng a garden center, on the outskirts of Fengcheng has a large flower garden and nursery. Qiu Tian gardening boss called Qiu Tian, ​​so many years of operation down, and some of Fengcheng municipal units have good cooperation, has always belonged to these units fixed suppliers. Li Weisheng unit is one of them. Big black breath seemed serious thought, slowly raised his right paw on Lu Ling Xi palm. Her roll in the community for many years, the families of the ward when her eyes flashed occasionally despised her mind clear. She does not matter, do not like her intent Lu Ling Xi was looked down upon. Now Lu Ling Xi amnesia, finally reversing the image of punks everybody's eyes, she does not want to be these three little bastard ruined. No way the hair is black, have to face wash. Perhaps stray dogs know their identity, the desire to survive the big black and recovery capabilities are very alarming. General Pets injured pet will come to the hospital, but stray cats and dogs that can hurt them no place to recuperate. Outside of survival difficult, the greater the risk of slower recovery, so the same injury, stray dogs and cats on faster than domestic pets recovery. High Yongliang not to abandon Xue pass, but the taste is really hook people. Xue through his earnestness patting the shoulder and said: "Laoxue business, to flexible Well, how about the other party and the other scale we can cooperate??" Qianlao joke he possessed. Ten minutes later, they arrived at the field station Botanical Garden. He said that the station is in fact the central clearing jungle built three simple houses, around the room, some of Ling Xi Lu did not know the instrument placed on the ground, and stationed two workstations are the same age as Wang Chaoliang staff.

"Anyway you still blame me eccentric." Yanshi Hui angrily. Black Crimping voice whispered cry.

"Noyan brother you invest?" Fang Lei with a big black over time, plainclothes police have been scattered in every corner of the market within. Market entrance of a humble Gold Cup car, looking at Fang Lei's men that were caught smugglers.High-wash Dyestuff Project team spread to the surrounding, inner row on kilometers, all underground several people thick roots, like a dragon lying in the strip dark brown soil, deep-rooted endless. Ranging from Yanshi Hui figure out a way, this news has been spread out. Suddenly the whole Fengcheng shock, countless crowds coming, the group sent the fastest protection to the scene, started further investigation. As Yanshi Hui project, who would care about it? They live from the cell to the airport takes about forty minutes, Lu Ling Xi package turned positive he found the phone, suddenly touched a booklet. "What is it?" He blankly look to the hands of the booklet, when printed on the cover of the booklet to see the words, face all red moment.

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