Small gray seems to be satisfied with the assurance Fang Lei, squatting in front of a small plate and began to eat dried fish. "Come on." He did not say more, call the Yen Ling Xi Lu and followed him into the rainforest. "Konishi to let unloading it."

This is Lu Ling Xi greatest worry. He felt a small stone courageous, mostly because of small stones and think they can exchange A yellow This unique ability gives him confidence, so that he should not dry out his age do. This is not the first time. Lee uncle had mentioned before, small stones relied A yellow scare Xu III. When the direction of education and Lu Ling Xi Li uncle are biased towards small stones can not tell because he holds this ability can do bad things. But now, he should think Ling Xi Lu small stone church is how a correct understanding of this ability. A yellow even if there is in, he is not omnipotent. "Konishi." Yan more tentatively called out. "Also cold?" Cub sitting Xiao Feng ends up, pretend to holding a book talking about vegetable cultivation, pointing: "We have to grow some cabbage, beans, garlic sprouts ...... right there in order to maintain these crops melon flavor. it is best not to fight pesticide, but also try not to use some fertilizer ripening. " Hear the Yin Seiran discourse urgent, Yan Yongde is concerned that her daughter grandson, hearts comfort, gentle tone, said:. "Mention" Imperial Although the new plant variety protection legislation, but the situation of intellectual property rights in China embarrassed the country has always been a lot of high-tech patent applications will inevitably be "cottage", not to mention absolutely no "copy" difficulty plant a. This is also why the Yen the outset release authorization sake. Wait for someone else to buy back its privately cultivated, it is better to do a little good-looking direct release authorization, but also profit from the license fee. Xiao Hong and good attitude, Wang Shuxiu mind the last vestiges of apprehension is eliminated. She already refreshing temper, immediately he smiled and exclaimed:. "Big Brother" Lu Ling Xi guess Huskies may be sensitive to the panel's breath was so excited. He did not care, continue to bow to a point on a white panel. With moving his finger on the panel translucent area continues to expand. From the perspective of purification, micro-gardening whole street was included and purify the surrounding area still continue to penetrate towards the extension. See here, Lu Ling Xi somewhat happy. After six months of efforts of small, whole Fengcheng, about one tenth of the urban area has been purified. These purified faint regions formed a circle, trying to entire Fengcheng included. Now that attitude has loose leaf Father, Yan will put down the mind, just concentrate on playing on the accompany Lu Ling Xi. They pass around almost the entire Chukyo, even the leaves have to climb the mountain twice. Lu Ling Xi whim that day, and asked Yan they want do not want to go with him before school places to see.

Renzhao Xiao Ling Xi Lu stretched out a finger to scratch his chin small milk cat, kitten meow loudly comfortable, condescending looked big black defiantly waved his paw. Easy route several people apparently are not used now Ling Xi Lu, in accordance with their former brothers want to meet a few people naturally want dearly, what can not remember Lu Ling Xi, is more strange to speak of the past few rude, become gentle up . If the usual, easy route would have to slap Ling Xi Lu, "loaded, so that you have installed." Lu Ling Xi can now facing, it is how he can not make this slap. Just heard the little boy said toxic water, the land Lingxi up somewhat uncertain. Lu Ling Xi nodded, holding a large black ran back. He was just casually talk about the results of a turn on the lights to find a note stuck on the living room table, Wang Shuxiu left a dinner in the refrigerator. Micro-gardening reputation slowly play out, Lu Ling Xi temper and soft and good to speak, inside the environment is also especially good, a lot of customers come to think of passing nothing to tease him. As long as they entered the micro-gardening, more or less have to take the time to buy something. This month down, Lu Ling Xi calculated that, excluding labor, the more he and Yan net profit actually earned two million. Hung up the phone, leaves some doubt Kang Yan Ling Xi Lu is more that can be more reluctant Yan explained, he would not ask in the end. Besides he had seen Ling Xi Lu, juvenile temper pure simple, unlike what is the pressure, not to mention a split personality. In the end how is it?

Village people rich imagination, have comfort in Xiaojuan Wang dogs with small stones can be sure the dogs get it back. Black has just went outside to see no one calls the dogs, the village people do not know their mouth is the big black dog king. Yan Xu three feel more a clever, well-informed, but also to sell two Uncle Lee a favor, even with the scare inducements, Xu three powers agreed to down.Ciclopirox It soon out of town, the driver is also estimated less encountered such outsiders Zheng New River, excitedly told him all the way. Approaching the spirit of water village, the driver schematically Zheng New River toward the front, "See, the big willow tree is the spirit of water village, next to the house there is a large willow garden, which raised flowers are notoriously good." As the saying goes big rain detain a guest, where Xiao Feng thought would be a coincidence flowers stuck in a storm dishes Museum. Beginning when it rains, Xiao Feng did not hesitate for a second to go. A've come to accompany Wang Shuxiu a while, she then also did not mind the heavy rain, I will stop thinking about a repeat. Who knows rain harder and harder, there is no stopping the trend of water on the road is not directly over the calf, did not get the door. This time not to mention myself Xiao Feng, Wang Shuxiu not assured him go, especially Xiao Feng is also going back to vegetable greenhouses. Black day the road is not good to go, Wang Shuxiu a bar, Xiao Feng will naturally stay.

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