Kang Ye see in the eyes, put away the joking attitude, serious and said: "? Are you serious" After planting bamboo, Zheng New River back to the past two days has not to be in Beijing. Before leaving he deliberately took a small piece of bamboo just finished, say there is a seminar in Beijing, he was going to just promote the promotion of bamboo. Him this desperately momentum even more color have some admiration, and privately said Zheng Lu Ling Xi New River although sometimes stubborn hate, but people are really good. Lu Ling Xi awkward nod, Wang Shuxiu and told a few, seeing running late for work, only stepping on high-heeled shoes in a hurry to leave the hospital.

Easy route disgruntled stare at him, "What is the evil, the youngest amnesia you do not know." Yan the heart of a dynamic, wished he could immediately went over to the juvenile a pro, but when the juvenile is clean of eyes, forced to restrain the impulse at heart. Wang Shuxiu mad, bitterly looked at what they thought of four conveniently find something to fight land-water meal, turned around and saw a large black, suddenly landing means a watercourse: "bite him." "Dad, Xiaoya also your granddaughter, you ......" Poor co-movement of these no hidden Yan Yue, he soon knew by Ya Yin Wei Lu Lu Ann Father catch opportunities. Father Lu probably optimistic Rubescens this project, said that it would take the initiative to get a new drug helped Yin Ya certificate. In the meantime, Ya Yin Xiang Board applied for a sum of money, ready to be used as new drug promotion costs. All this in a foreign country, although far Yanshi Hui know, but the details are not clear. Ya Yin He never expected to be so bold, dare to holding study of semi-finished fool the board. Eat breakfast, then more and Yan Lu Ling Xi go. Wangshu Xiu Yan stared unhappily more glances, how to see how the color is not pleasing to the eye. Ling Xi Lu and Wang Shuxiu, Xiao Feng said goodbye, and carrying a large black pro for a long time before they got along with the Yen. "Do you think I lie to you ah TMD, you find yourself side of the road to see if it is alive or dead you tell me, and tell me how you intend to do?" Two fly biting tomato Hey look at him with a smile: "? You said we gained dish can sell it." Lu Ling Xi quickly packed up things and went to the big black wall. Wang Shuxiu looked at his back, thinking the Yen also headed Queenan mind somewhat pleased, speaking privately with Xiao Feng can not help a bit worried.

Professor Susan Kang Ye mouth was his teacher at school, deep attainments in psychology. Yan for the sake of the family environment, has always been a very serious psychological problems. Yan refused to mention just the more, the more Yan's parents do not know it. Ye Kang chose psychology is affected by the impact of the Yen. He knows the very rejection Yan talk to strangers things at home, forced to return home a few years ago, I put more color entrusted to both familiar and Professor Susan. Ling Xi Lu Chunlan Imagine staring at a lot of good prospects, he turned around and saw a large black smile touched its head, "Black to be optimistic about this strain Chunlan, after your chicken depends on it." Hang Chong Ling Xi Yi landing wink, "the absolute peak brother sister flowers to bring a gift? You say Peak brother would send what?" Yan Yongde look bad, he scolded: "Ah now think the more you do go as early as the son of the Arab much more pressure to temporarily take a break Yan Hao alone a sea wants to pry the Arab position also??. not enough." Shen Yan the face, "This is something I do not know, but know not important, there would be no marriage."

Yan Yue Ting a chuckle, eyes can not help but see the landing Ling Xi looked down and kissed him. Lu Ling Xi desperate to get back, "Mom let me get back, I'm still waiting to eat it." "Are you serious?" Lu Ling Xi seriously said.Crotamiton Korea is known as the old man is very complex, immediately hold Clivia arms to the front of Ling Xi Lu. "Konishi, your brother's condition worsened, and you are the only people who can save him, you will save him, right?"

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