High-light Dyestuff

Lu Yen Ling Xi looked more accidental, I do not know why the thought of that morning on the phone. Yan Yue face wearing a faint smile, slightly upturned mouth, smiled and looked like men, and Lu Ling Xi in his eyes but do not see the slightest smile, like a jacket with a "smile "mask the same. Plant Requirements: root damage Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu the day before yesterday to clean up the house Shihai shocked, empty bookcase inside the original actually put more than a dozen books. Although all about gardening and farming, Wang Shuxiu may not care, do not bother to see what the little bastard know to read the line. She calculated that these books of the money, about landing Ling Xi is estimated to save the meal out. Call immediately scolded Lu Ling Xi meal, the evening gave Lu Ling Xi stay two hundred dollars.

Plant survival degree: low Here land and a water color looked more uneasy one, "sorry, I do not know you are a small Western friends, I ......" Yen more to follow him has always been generous, with Andrzej Yen Vietnam five years, not the usual salaries and bonuses, the Yen gave him morality and investment of 50 percent of the shares, enough for him to face the more the dead. "It's talking about?" Lu Yan Ling Xi took the more curious he said. Big black door suddenly some restless, and intend to bring the situation and realize that now can not be called, it had become arch squat body, made a defensive posture. Small black snake climbed half the house seems to have sensed something, hesitated paused, turned around and crawled toward the other direction. Some turn it too fast, turn tail moment, however, came close behind tied closed. Seeing it is necessary to climb the corner, a small house was suddenly kick open the door, several plainclothes rushed directly rushed to press down the four men in bed. "Good." Lu Ling Xi nodded obediently. "Xiao Feng do not like?" Wang Shuxiu look happy, "That!" "Mr. Yen mean?"

Plant Requirements: None "Look at this, this is a rare strain of wild orchids bar. In the end who is going to mining, mining will not touch it, you see the root of the whole broken, is really a throwaway." Lu Ling Xi saw easy route, patted the hands of earth came. "I want to plant some tomatoes here."

Few people go to the best restaurant Fengcheng white courtyard, where Xiao Hong booked a private room. By White Courtyard is located in the west, too far away from some micro-gardening this street, connected to the drive over early Xiao Feng Lu Ling Xi. Out in front of Lu Ling Xi consider big black parked in Dongzhi there, Xiao Feng said no, go along with, nothing to pay attention to their own side. Besides Xiao Hong dog quite like home possessor of a Tibetan mastiff, this might also brought over. He said, hesitated Lu Ling Xi will also put big black belt in the side, there are pockets of black households black. Three days ago, suddenly contacted Li Weisheng Qiu Tian gardening, potted plants should they just sent all go back. Li Weisheng reason to look at it is that these are not potted, leadership does not like. The move is tantamount to severely beat Qiu Tian gardening face.High-light Dyestuff "What?" Lu Ling Xi look puzzled. Yan laughed more deliberately looked around again, "that carry more than two boxes of it?"

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