Ethyl Crotonate

He said in all seriousness, Yan Yue apex abruptly shocked. Lu Ling Xi obviously do not know where to know Huo Weiping agency news of the accident, mellowed in this way to comfort him. Yan just feel a little more soft mess, warm eyes to see the landing Ling Xi, "Well, listen to the small West." Dongzhi listened very happy, "I just saw a large black good recovery, and then two days no problem." Zhanglao love to see the landing Ling Xi, smiling, he said: "Tomorrow, we will not follow the old man two Konishi go with you, and a little bumpy old bones do not move, you shoot a small West Point photos back to me and you grandfather Zhao look on the line. "

Yan put up one more finger. Ling Xi Lu insisted that Wang Shuxiu ultimately did not do him, only agreed to let him go on a few days classes look. Yan said the more so, Ling Xi Lu also did not want to understand that after this thing on the mind. "King of flowers you do not look down on people ah, our family are to eat their own food, look good is my good tends, who will be crazy to fight drugs." "Konishi to mom here." Xue Ling Xi Lu Tong privately depressed and did not know, all his focus was on the evolution of begonia breeding. Heart sigh for a long time, Dongzhi think of one thing, "Yes, today you will be able to go back to the big black belt." Easy route pity, "How much?" Much is at stake in the rainforest, just all kinds of poisonous snakes, poisonous frogs, poisonous spiders do not know how many, lurks many other dangerous animals. While the convenience of staff at the station was built inside the rain forest, but also not too deep.

Lu Ling Xi looked carefully make sure no other problems and serious opening: "Your pots fruit vine no big problems, but probably before the lack of light, to go back to put in a bright place, to ensure that ambient air humidity is high, raising a raise Enough." Lu Ling Xi stuck scanning spirit, with a white panel wafting frowned slightly. "That tree is going to die." Not only is the tree, two trees next to it is also dying. " Hang Yi came in, Wang Shuxiu would sneer. Little bastard just discharged do not remember anything, even looking for work, which it so easy to find, this is certainly easy route to help the busy little bastard. Wang Shuxiu not previously been divorced because of Lu Ling Xi, but this time Ling Xi Lu suffered a heavy injury, people are almost gone, a land or water bubbles on the surface did not reveal even a roulette, Wang Shuxiu completely lost hope. Even Lu Ling Xi later recovered memories with her naughty, she married this from settled. Some villagers looked at the old wells fortunate, "Fortunately, the first two at home are connected large tank full, did not come here to draw water." Direction Ling Xi Lu Wang Chaoliang pointing down looked curious: "? That was it central rainforest Been" Lu Ling Xi hesitated a moment, tentatively to Wang Shuxiu sending a message, "Mom, I want a dog." Lu Ling Xi just washed players, Duanle Yi Xiao Man on kitchen pots chicken out and placed in the center of the table. One will be the effort, she and Wang Shuxiu almost put the dish on. Two sisters-in dinner preparation is very rich. Wang Shuxiu craft would have been pretty good, but with all the ingredients Xiao Feng vegetable greenhouses offer, made out of rice is taste delicious, bite memorable.

White panel surfaced, willow whole ecological communities are displayed on the panel. A land of water would not finish, Wang Shuxiu been a slap shot in his head. "I make trouble? But you TM over the day, and you let them put stuff out, we Nianglia how do?"Ethyl Crotonate Such a view, leaf Kang finally put down the heart. Yan mouth as a more "half-baked" psychiatrist, Ye Kang Man consciously he was quite accurate. Boy in front looked on simply gullible, worldly, he has been worried about the teenager bewitched Yan Yue, now it appears to require trans-trans, and who do not necessarily really kidding. One person, one dog Abduction a cell, it was still early, the street was empty, Ling Xi Lu also did not give a big black jacket muzzle. Black excitedly trot a few steps, landing Zhuantou Chao Ling Xi called twice. Lu Ling Xi hear the big black mean, let him run with it along. Some of his helpless watching the big black, big black ran quickly ran back to the side of Ling Xi Lu, gently biting his leg forward tow.

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