Ciclopirox olamine

In early March, Xiao Hong and Xiao Feng came back from the northwest. There things are handled almost, two misses home, but also no more than to be in there. He said that is full of color, hear the howl from the village found Gouzi trouble until the dogs surrounded the plastics plant them out to save people, the story is simply twists and turns, ups and downs, and sometimes even several police officers around could hear into fan. Lu Ling Xi laughed reassuringly scratched his big black chin, Wang Shuxiu to make a telephone call.

Lu Ling Xi want to exclude suspects, they are looking for more suspects a person or thing out, and there is a large willow perfect to meet all this. Whether it is just Grandma Wang's family or just the Ye Hao Yan, no one would have thought for several weeks later, this Common Traffic Accident actually no clue. The police investigation in the vicinity of several days, was also asked to micro-gardening inside the case. Grandma Wang Ling Xi Lu has been knocked off work that day, and naturally did not see anything. But he specifically mentioned a large black reaction, as well as before the big black thing with the police knocked, suspect that is not the same person? Ling Xi Lu received a phone call the color a bit surprised, but more still happy. Regardless Wang Shuxiu idea for what to call him for dinner this case, to some extent can be considered one of his identity. He quickly packed things off micro-gardening, with large black back area, but the unexpected discovery opened the door to him who is Xiao Feng. Phone female cycle repeated words kept going around. Yen more restrained the impulse to put the phone out of the window, waiting for the phone across the mother hang up. With the red light turns green, traffic surging Yen slightly more dispersed in the eyes of some impatience. He casually looked out the window one, drove away from this junction. "Dr. Lu, the patient has lost vital signs." Then he realized Dongzhi shop and others, it came yesterday sent a large black man, seems to be called the Yen. Yan came back the whole Yen only sporadic flashing lights, most Zhaizi are shrouded in deep darkness. Compare Yen family leaves home not far from the brightly lit, full of sentiment, Yen looks like a ghost house. On the way back, Lu Ling Xi mood has been good. Large tracts of uncultivated farmland out of the window from the front passing, he thought of the micro-gardening small garden, if one day it all around the micro-gardening flower garden just fine. Du Lin Ling Xi Lu along the line of sight at the past, small white porcelain bowl in the corner, ten several flower flower exotic flowers together, yellow corolla was like slippers, a bit like the ancient purse. Across the red spots on the corolla small, very fresh and interesting, not just look at the spirit, some apathetic look.

Yen more casual, "not on the table a number of small means nothing." Yen more depressed in the eyes of disgust, "You Ling Xi's father?" Ling Xi Lu Yan does not know the specific circumstances of the family, but he intuitively believed that the color is not bad. Yan even more done, and certainly justified. Ling Xi Lu Yan and Vietnam are not afraid of snakes, Wang Shuxiu be at home there, if scared Wang Shuxiu bad. Yen more paused to eaten as an excuse to nothing. He meant thinking about paying attention to the image in front of the juvenile, he may soon regret. Because he saw teenagers buy their own after a package, but also specifically to buy a box of chicken to the big black. The rest of the road, Yan looked at the teenager himself finished, turned around and took the big black chicken feed. Rearview mirror, large black eyes narrowed happy face at the hands of juvenile gnawing chicken, the color should be looked intestines regret green. If he bought a copy, now you can not make an excuse to drive inconvenience teenager holding a bird to feed him instead of stupid dog.

To nine micro-gardening opened the door, this strain of uprooting Chunlan has been carefully wrapped with sphagnum Ling Xi Lu, near the door into place, ensuring that it does not shine the sun, but can airy translucent. Wang Shuxiu restaurant after intense preparations will soon be opened.Ciclopirox olamine Xiao Feng laughed, and Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu drove back. Along the way, Lu Ling Xi kept secretly looked forward to Wang Shuxiu expression. Wang Shuxiu pout wanted to ignore him, can not help but look a little soft-hearted bastard, scoff the sentence, "The snake is not poisonous, right?" "Yes, you really forget." Easy route to react with a sigh, "second last time and I also say that if you can think of the youngest and more good things in the past."

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