Methyl 3-aminocrotonate

His movement attracted the attention of Lu Ling Xi Lu Ling Xi puzzled back, Yan directed at the more shallow smile. Before Wang Shuxiu has simply finishing off, in addition to the lack of home appliances was deserted, the house is not how chaos, Lu Ling Xi focus pack is his "own" house. This body of origin appears to be an avid fan of heavy metal, the whole room arrangement style is very dark and gloomy. Lu Ling Xi walls plastered with all kinds of weird posters do not know, clothes closet and easy route last time they wear the same, not the skull is printed full tattered. Lu Ling Xi: "......"

He said, to watch the people around them rushes up immediately. Xue afternoon he went through there Shihai good, the weather forecast did not say there will be rain this afternoon, who thought it would come to such a sudden rainstorm. Fortunately, the police seem to take into account the weather conditions today, in front of the accident process fairly quickly, quickly plugging together car slowly go up. Lu Ling Xi breathing agreed loudly. Yan more fascinated pro | kiss landing Ling Xi, so he put the body of Ling Xi Lu suck | sucked out various marks, both in the hands of over-release, he was contented liberalized Lu Ling Xi. Although the Yen still do not understand teenage drunk before, then what is the meaning, but a teenager in his arms, Sentimental and fresh, he has been holding in my hand the baby, it was enough. "......" Ye Kang grimacing to turn too far, which is why he refused to go home dodging sake. Father caught thinking all the time he went blind, he once opposed, do not know where Father would think. Easy route mischievous smile, the same Yadisangzi said:. "You want to be a dad chanting" Yan did not take long the meal took Lu Ling Xi gave him a bag of tomatoes picked leave, although he Conscience will still want to be, but I know Eat Hot Tofu, to be too late, only angered Wang Shuxiu suspect, or steady and good. Yan more smiled, touched the head of Lu Ling Xi, to appease said:. "Rest assured that such a thing could not conceal" Lu Ling Xi shook his head, "is not old customers to it twice."

Ling Xi Lu laughed, squatting in front of a large black cage, big black hand touched the head, whispered:. "Black you want to get well soon, I'll take you home."

This sentiment is too strange for Lu Ling Xi concerned, he was a bit dazed sitting in front of the chair, squatting toward the cashier following big black beckoned. Black Britain Britain's ran, crouched in front of him. Lu Ling Xi somewhat shyly, many people outside the household registration room, he did not know whether to push the Yen. In fact his heart is happy, he looked at the name and color in a side by side on account of this, the kind of hard to describe the feeling of happiness.Methyl 3-aminocrotonate "When will also meet Lee uncle. Father of the body is very tough, serious and responsible work, for flowerbeds really serious. After a little west you will certainly see, however, what I mean here is a flower garden or let Lee uncle staring at you to guarding micro-gardening. " Tian sister did not care for him, "I came, you know where these things a young man how to clean up. By the way, a small land you have not given your mother cry?"

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