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Lu Ling Xi to say these rumors when Dongzhi vivid, Lu Ling Xi heard not help blush. Pink little face scarred, one to be praised too embarrassed look. Dongzhi Renzhao Xiao Lu Ling Xi is really Miannen, whether it is praise him or tease him, children are vulnerable to blush. Pro, Dongzhi patted his shoulder, deliberately made an earnest look, and said:. "Young man promising a good job." Juvenile directed at small nurse shy smile, his eyes fell upon the operating table black dog. He has obviously heard what had happened, what nurses do not need small orders, tentative steps toward the black dog. Lu Ling Xi put away the panel back to God, only to find him too long at the door of the station, his clothes were faint rain wet. He shook his head, "No, in fact, not too cold." The more time before the talk Yen Lu Ling Xi quickly changed the subject, "Yan brother, your work is done?"

Dongzhi sighed and explained: "The stray dogs are like this would be very sensible wink Man afraid to eat it more Memories, usually like to eat half full.." This is the land before it is fed Lingxi eat in the morning he wanted something to eat to feed the black, black looked at him to turn his head later, there is a clear alert eyes. Lin Mei laughed thinking, "the old saying that the pair had to be a good match." "How?" Yanyue Li engraved back to God, walked past. Xu is steaming, Lu Ling Xi white skin glowing under the lights slightly pink, black eyes are like being washed off Usually clear moist. He put some shyly tugging at the door, looking at the color, a small channel:. "Help me win pajamas" Some roadside interfaces, "You're talking about how good, how to die?" Lu Ling Xi shook his head, "is just a physical examination." Ye Kang voice heard, "Yan more back home, we eat a meal." Ye Yan Kang on Vietnam are not rivals, had changed the subject. "How do you suddenly Chukyo lujia interested?" Plant survival degree: low Sulang laugh, "I'm out all cyclists, much faster than a car."

Lu Ling Xi nodded along, he had not seen rubescens, rubescens but heard the name. Look panel prompts variation of the word, can probably infer that this strain rubescens rubescens and Common is not the same. He remembers the wild rubescens origin as far away as southern Taihang Mountains, where the climate is harsh, drought and little rain, the soil is infertile. So, Sulang is run Taihang trip? Man frowned, whispered curse, but it is once again caught Lu Ling Xi, fast track "trouble.":. "Amnesia amnesia on this important matter, and I handed down to you to the hospital, you know The hospital also held hostage to our house many hospitalized deposit? "

Lu Ling Xi said no more, but the look of the show is his insistence. Wang Shuxiu craft good, pancakes golden color, crisp outside and soft and very tasty. Lu Ling Xi distracted bite, taking advantage of Wang Shuxiu mood seems good, he whispered quickly said:. "Mom, I got a job."The blue cyanine B Yan heard the laugh, count afternoon, Lu Ling Xi before and slept for almost 17.8 hours, and really sleep much. He reached Ling Xi Lu in the arms, hand and gently touched Lu Ling Xi's neck, good laugh: "?. After drinking it was also drank drunk like this." AGF cell is the cell name where Lu Ling Xi. Now popular name than Fengcheng Town xx, xx world, xx Shuiyun like, the name can be described as the dregs of the earth. However, as the number of cell Fengcheng the earliest buildings, AGF cell now also home residents are basically ten years old neighbors. A bit of money have moved away, leaving considerable period of time called habit, but that the cell name shouted cordial nice.

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