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Yan Yan Yongde accompany the Phoenix hill to climb when Lu Ling Xi only just got up. "The money you owe me for you, you and a small West's mother divorced." The more cold Yan Road. Yan came to see is more a piece of the scene, he was a bit funny, "Konishi and big black stuff?"

Xiao Feng took from the hands of Xiao Hong, casually said:. "The family has bought a lot." Yen more some sit still, clenched the steering wheel, do not hesitate to look at the past. "When will also meet Lee uncle. Father of the body is very tough, serious and responsible work, for flowerbeds really serious. After a little west you will certainly see, however, what I mean here is a flower garden or let Lee uncle staring at you to guarding micro-gardening. " He did not mean to listen to the Yen talking on the phone, but they sat hard not to hear. Before he has not asked Yan Yue identity, because of the big reasons he has found black pigment more good in my heart, as the identity of the background color in his eyes is not something important. Live by this time, he thought he saw Yan is more like this. This call can let him realize that he saw the gentle heart like small animals love plants and flowers is just one side of the face, he did not see many other aspects. Lu Ling Xi, gazed at it for a long time, and snapping the fingers counted Yan, seriously said:. "II" "Ah." Lu Ling Xi obedient closed his eyes against the back for a while and fell asleep. Black came over pet protruding tongue licked finger Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi just laughed, touched its head, "sleep." Lu Ling Xi blinked, embarrassed smile. Xiao Feng looked at him, eyes fell on the tank Wang Lian, seemed casual chat with: "Flowers said you amnesia, that does not remember the former things?" She is also forty-two, and with the words of Lin Mei is not young, even if she is no way even the best maintenance and KTV inside those flower girl fight the tender. Wang Shuxiu not do not know the reason, but she really did not know resigned can do, we can not let the little bastard possessor of her, right? She was still young, do not want to become a burden on the Ling Xi Lu. Besides Lu Ling Xi eighteen, and immediately in relation to marry and have children, Wang Shuxiu Lu Ling Xi also thinking about saving money to buy a house. Now the little girl are powerful, not many are willing to live with her mother, she is not the kind of disagreeable people have to work or how to count money. Lin also said the United States just right, her body is really unable to go. If there is a slight illness broke down, think a little asshole who followed serve, Wang Shuxiu feel distressed.

Chukyo license plate? Yan more? He will be in Beijing Yen family man? Lu Ling Xi in the past has been to stay home, home on the land circle and completely unfamiliar. He did not know whether the Yen family home and land and from what? If anything, he still try to Yan more rare as well, he is not wanted in the past and lives longer have any intersection. Yan eyebrow more seriously consider: "The? Knocked me out." Today, Xiao Feng himself say, like her special report, as Wang Shuxiu is what my heart can not tell the taste. She does not speak, Xiao Feng did not speak again, the kitchen sometimes quiet. Both bow work, it would not seem awkward, but a kind of feeling of tranquility breeding, such as thousands of ordinary families. Lu Ling Xi out of the side door of the ward a few people sigh up, this child is really pitiful. So many days in hospital, in addition to Wang Shuxiu not seen other relatives. Wang Shuxiu listen to the tone of the child is also a father, a father can not as there is not, neither money nor contribute to, looks like Wang Shuxiu their mother's feelings is not good. To say that they are beginning a little frown Wang Shuxiu, especially several female family members, I think Wang Shuxiu not serious. But a long time together, but found that Wang Shuxiu dress outrageous that people are not really as they want. Although Wang Shuxiu especially rude to speak, and doctors and nurses often quarrel, but still very Ling Xi Lu got the idea. Think of a woman she is not easy, not everyone Wang Shuxiu Attempt to start so have opinions.

Lu Ling Xi did not come home last night, Wang Shuxiu misses a night, did not even go to work on the heart. Despite knowing Lu Ling Xi in the flower garden, nor is he a man, but Wang Shuxiu is a heart at sixes and sevens how are restless. Hang Lu Ling Xi ease before they play wild, and often do not go home, Wang Shuxiu time did not feel anything. Since Lu Ling Xi can out afterwards, Wang Shuxiu personnel do not know the thought of the little bastard's lying in a hospital almost did not come to save, there is no way this heart as steadfast as ever, always can not help but think East West. Lu Ling Xi softly break out, careful not to wake the attention of the Yen. He moves, and immediately opened his eyes and shaking big black ears stood up. Lu Ling Xi smile touched the big black, do not speak more than a gesture. One person, one dog left the room, Miss Ling Xi's attention was riveted on the evolution of the old willow, quickly wash finished, with large black swiftly ran village.Crotonic Acid The more a color tone for his consideration, Lu Ling Xi grateful heart to hear, but he really did not want to owe so much more human face. Lu Ling Xi guess mind, the Yen quietly continued: "? Or you can, you have my money as my shares, I pay you contribute, together we drive under this store how" Lu Ling Xi accustomed to the big black each time after his questioning would call out, this suddenly silent, he lengleleng reaction was over. Black looked serious expression, he was carrying a large black Puchi laughed. Laugh Lu Ling Xi feel that they want more, more, and he is not the same color, as well as his own work. Yan is now the only vacation time every day just to stay in the store, and so leave the Yen ending, micro gardening still left him alone. To say he had a large black accompanied, in fact, not have to face her brother to stay in the store.

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