Methyl Crotonate

"Yan brother." Lu Ling Xi eyes lit up with excitement took over the color look rubescens. "You see, rubescens evolved." He said, reaching poked above rubescens borneol, with his action, borneol Vibrato are like butterfly wings. The lead man lowered his eyes and made a gesture of beheading, cold whispered: "followed them to see if they are what people look for opportunities to kill them." Ling Xi Lu did not say anything, but they do not feel stupid Xiao Feng will certainly species eaten his backyard tomatoes, know what it tastes.

"Resignation?" Yan Kang and leaves the same accident, "Did not you say he was soon to be promoted it?" Lu Ling Xi grateful smile, but still shook his head. "Thank you, I'm not going to study, I'm looking for a job." Ye Kang almost surprised to jump, the last color he did not mention one seriously, did not think the color is actually true. Unfortunately, the more Zuijin very Yan, no matter how he asked reluctant to say another word. "You little bastard who dare to appear here!" "such……" Wang Shuxiu see Lu Ling Xi woke up, had been carrying a heart finally put down. Her excitement landing Ling Xi said: "The little son of a bitch, they say you die, then nothing and his aging mother, you see, you do not come to save his aging mother to support you so much, I did not enjoy one day you too? blessing, if you die, his aging mother for so many years is not lost money. you do not know a devil father died and where to go, these days even the surface did not reveal before. you may remember that you so many days in hospital, spent his aging mother are all hard-earned money. " Because the night to bring home the big black, very positive Ling Xi Lu pick up something ready to work. Dongzhi You Love presented him a rope and tied a dog A dog sets, so that he was black when tied to the big points. Even if Black does not bite, but with a muzzle at least they are more at ease.

The more we do not know Yan Ye Kang is worried about him, put away the phone strode across the street toward the micro-gardening. Lu Yan a water head hit the car, loudly: "I am not a man, I am sorry for the wife and kids, I put the money at home and lost the lot, people called me live."Methyl Crotonate Lu Ling Xi: "......" "Yan brother looked a bit cold, but the cold surface of hot, in fact, is a good man."

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