Disperse Dyestuff

QiuJun While this curse, my heart really knew something was wrong Qiu Tian gardening not run, he must go and see. But before the new Hong Lu grandson how a few days can not contact, like disappeared, like, disappeared two weeks this spring and tap out. Some time ago I do not know where to go mix, do not provoke trouble to hide out of it. Lu Ling Xi and initially struggling spirit listening to his presentation, then it is trapped to die, simply in Yan Yuehuai where to find a position, holding the Yen fell to sleep. Yan arm movement and a more careful, try to make Lu Ling Xi feel comfortable. Three break for a few minutes, Wang Chaoliang with them to continue to move forward. Did not go two steps have been obediently wrapped around the wrist of the black color suddenly he drilled sleeves, erect upper body toward the left side of the trees hissing spitting Nobuko. The next moment, like a black lightning shot | out, dove into the bushes. Just listen to the inside rustled, what seems in the same struggle.

"Preparing shock." Yan brought back the lips, face, forming a gentle arc, he rubbed his hair Lu Ling Xi, generous praise:. "Konishi really powerful." "Seven days, up to seven days I'll be back, okay?" Yan the ugly face of fast response slam the brakes. If he read that right, men take the initiative to hit his car, he thought of the inevitable Pengci. Cold face opened the door, a step in the color of the car. In just a minute, around the pedestrian has a two car surrounded by a packed. Yan Ling Xi Lu in the hand palm scratched, just let him go. Lu Ling Xi eyes seem to have a smile, more a stare Yan, hastily with the past. Wang Shuxiu there has long been ready, waiting for landing Lingxi take her out. Xiao Feng ingenuity to come up with Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu holding admission, Wang Shuxiu put his hand to the idea. By Xiao Feng's words, it would be him a promise in front of Lu Ling Xi's. He will take care of Wang Shuxiu, let Lu Ling Xi assured. Yan took more funny card, he knew this would happen, and sometimes he also strange that this principle of juvenile adhere to in the end is how to develop for. Lu Ling Xi smiled and nodded, "I know, you go back Dongge drive slowly." Conversation outside end, Wang Shuxiu a pink low-cut skirt, ten centimeters high heels stepping on a swaying came. "it is good."

"Noyan brother you invest?" Carries this concern, the more removed Yen Ling Xi Lu holding midnight stumbled sleep. Twilight sky dark, Lu Ling Xi is hot awake. Yan Yue arms like a stove, even with the quilt wrapped him together tightly in her arms. Zheng New River with his students and Lu Ling Xi hired more than a dozen villagers together on the mountain. We dug a pit yesterday, today, as long as the plants were planted into the like. Labor down all morning, looking at the mountains and the river Zheng new buds, quite proud of the floor and Lu Ling Xi said:. "It could be a few months until two Zhushan bamboo hardness requirements, our We can start the production line. " Lu Ling Xi crooked eyes, happy to give Wang Shuxiu texting. He finished on Ling Xi Lu nodded, very serious and said:. "These days you can see the blue sky, it has been more than a week in a row, especially the blue." Plant survival degree: High

Li Weisheng nodded, "Hsiao Chiu you're here. You can get this pot intentions, and if you are not satisfied with the leadership had to go back." From the cell all the way to the airport, Lu Ling Xi blush would not fade. He tried to think of this booklet in the end come from? Last night to pack his own bags, have been received a good package on the bed room. In addition to his Xiao Feng and Wang Shuxiu can enter the room, but will not go Xiao Feng generally fine, only ...... Wang Shuxiu up. I often think about is that my mother had put the booklet in his bag, Lu Ling Xi felt very shyly. Fortunately, these days he is not at home, so he came back from Queenan how to face my mother?Disperse Dyestuff The Kang Ye Huizhong Beijing will release his intention to go abroad convalescence message, etc. Andrzej get Konishi family house next door, he would have to move out from the Yin family. When the leaves have the third brother to help, I want to find the father he is not so easy. Enough time to solve his life's most important about it. "A more How about you? Your thoughts?"

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