High-wash Dyestuff

Lu Ling Xi shook his head and did not speak ineffectively. Lu Ling Xi "ah" sound, hand clinging to the Yen. "Brother you do Yan has been very good." He nodded firmly, sure road. This sentence is a land and water verse. Perhaps Lu Lu Ling Xi monohydrate child to talk too much and he was not the father, the mother grew up along endured bitter, very sensitive Lu Ling Xi to their divorce. Every time Wang Shuxiu mentioning, Lu Ling Xi on a variety of objections. Lu accustomed to pull a water landing Lingxi do alliance, but forgot to now has not before Lu Ling Xi Lu Ling Xi of.

Lu Ling Xi a packed his things, other family members in the ward, and he read it. Easy route his father was a small shed outside a cell inside playing poker, he looked up to see the easy route, surprised to have forgotten his cards out. Yen more paused to eaten as an excuse to nothing. He meant thinking about paying attention to the image in front of the juvenile, he may soon regret. Because he saw teenagers buy their own after a package, but also specifically to buy a box of chicken to the big black. The rest of the road, Yan looked at the teenager himself finished, turned around and took the big black chicken feed. Rearview mirror, large black eyes narrowed happy face at the hands of juvenile gnawing chicken, the color should be looked intestines regret green. If he bought a copy, now you can not make an excuse to drive inconvenience teenager holding a bird to feed him instead of stupid dog. Lu Ling Xi do not know what happened, a surgery done, he is no longer the young Sun Luling Lu Jia Jing West, but somehow appeared in Fengcheng, became two days have seen the woman's son Lu Ling Xi. "Snack goods." "I know, my grandfather." The more polite Yan Road. Although juvenile naive but not stupid, he does not want his bold and frightened teenager. He let the teenager became accustomed to his presence, slowly accept his transition from stranger to friend. Yen more time studying abroad, and students occasionally go out to play hunting. Good hunter found the prey will have enough patience to wait, set up sets, then prey unknowingly approached a hit in. He had patience, but also have enough confidence. Juvenile is his, very relaxed and the Yen. The police pulled out of bags under the bed and saw a bag on which the gap suddenly surprised, "Fang team, there is a bag open." Wang Shuxiu one to know how it is, "Well, ultimately, the big black chicken."

Xiao Feng hear the plan, Ling Xi Lu thought of tomato seeds own collection, as well as the last system rewards grape seeds. General viticulture is cutting nursery, or direct purchase grape seedlings. Lu Ling Xi reading the explanation, delicious grape seed planting grapes go to bear is not necessarily good, but seeds are planted out seedlings results extremely late, takes about four or five years. Seeds can be no ordinary seed in his hand, the system rewards. Taking into account the effect of planting tomatoes, grape seed Lu Ling Xi is still very reassuring. He did not know how to grow vegetables Peak brother first results, but should help a little better the seed, the second seed out of the tomatoes will certainly be popular, grapes absolutely not bad. In recent months, residential area inside clearly felt changes in the environment. Cell or looks like chaos and worn, but the air seemed to become different. The most obvious is the area inside the extinct birds for many years it seems addition up. Speaking privately crowd, feel that the area surrounding the landfill move causes. Yan recovered more time only, one person, one dog on the TV for a long while, the Yen directed at big black muffled cry. Sure enough, Wang Shuxiu a saw Ling Xi Lu Band-Aid on his neck, and when I heard that after the black bite, Wang Shuxiu immediately anxious. "There is not toxic, biting not heavy little bastard you say what do you raise a snake, which if ......?" She said half immediately Peipei Pei, immediately around the front: "The nonsense of not. " "it is good." Lu broke a water whines, Wang Shuxiu bad tone asks: "What do you come back?" Fengcheng not know Lu Ling Xi, Fang Lei did not mention foster small gray matter. Lu Ling Xi gained proposal is well-intentioned, can think of a small gray temper, Fang Lei really can not give it to a stranger.

Lu Ling Xi softly break out, careful not to wake the attention of the Yen. He moves, and immediately opened his eyes and shaking big black ears stood up. Lu Ling Xi smile touched the big black, do not speak more than a gesture. One person, one dog left the room, Miss Ling Xi's attention was riveted on the evolution of the old willow, quickly wash finished, with large black swiftly ran village. Wang Shuxiu snappily turned a supercilious, "My son is a big hit in the head brick, leaving so much blood, almost even life is gone. If you do not believe ask the doctor ah, ah!"High-wash Dyestuff "How can you in the hospital, Konishi was not feeling well?" Sulang saw Ling Xi Lu hands holding checklist. "FML, see the car, the latest Jaguar."

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