Listen to understand the black color, then grumbled climb on the shoulders of Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi rub rub the face, it was a long two teeth, how will bite so large teeth marks? Unfortunately, Lu Ling Xi did not understand its interpretation, as Yan Yue, the bad guys! Two police officers on the visual look, each smile together. They come on the one hand this is cleared of suspicion Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi on the one hand but also want to come forward to identify some video inside. Now Lu Ling Xi amnesia, which is nothing to look forward to. Since she can not find anything, there is no more left two police officers, but rather Sulang leaning Su Father to stay in the hospital. Hang Lu Ling Xi Yi and play well, Ling Xi Lu to find a job thanks to the easy route, Wang Shuxiu look easy route like to eat tomatoes, love Ukraine and Uzbekistan under boil the tomato sauce did not forget him.

Seen the boy, patience with big black on as a half-hour, the pigment can not find a reason to stay any longer. "what happened?" Xiao Feng went from Lu Ling Xi, Wang Shuxiu instituted heart. Xiao Feng Xiao Feng grabbed her return she asked: "What? You little bastard and said" For more origins Yan, and Xue through high Yongliang it is confusedly. Listen Lu Ling Xi vague represented by side, neither of them fine to ask. If the Yen to say already said, did not say that estimate is not convenient to say. "...... Ye big brother." Lu Ling Xi pondering pondering, I feel Ye Kang also pretty tricky. Kang Ye least money, should not be abandoned halfway only Husky. Xu starling understand the words of Father, fanned wings cried, "to find someone, find someone to" fly out toward the sky. Lu Ling Xi looked at him suddenly pointed ears red, quickly said:. "Good" Lu Ling Xi Enliaoyisheng. "Laoxue you can ah!" High Yongliang force patting Xue through the shoulder, "Where's this flower, how early do not move out? What kind of flower garden can be planted on a large scale it? Floral stable? The smell is absolutely on the city It is unique. "

"Little West you stay in the car." The more Yan told: "I'll see how it?" A word of apology, wind, big black ears pricked up, looked out his tongue licked intimacy Lu Ling Xi chin. Yin Ya hook the hook mouth said nothing. Sulang in a telephone laughed, brisk tone, "Yan total to cast so much money, not the effect I am sorry to find you, right?" Lu Ling Xi: "......" High Yongliang mood this time can be described as suddenly sad suddenly hi, like a roller coaster. Lu Ling Xi somewhat shyly, many people outside the household registration room, he did not know whether to push the Yen. In fact his heart is happy, he looked at the name and color in a side by side on account of this, the kind of hard to describe the feeling of happiness. Inside into a quiet, only occasionally large black whispered sobbing loudly. Yen falls on the more obscure the line of sight of the teenager's body, stretch juvenile look, sitting quietly beside him. The window is free rock landscape, both within the window is closed a dog world. Without the hustle and bustle outside, in addition to the world of the complex plane, the color of the eyes of the only juvenile clean smile. His heart slowly precipitates down, enjoying this rare quiet. Lu Ling Xi look too clean, looked Wang Shuxiu look innocent. Wang Shuxiu a "little bastard" to the mouth, stunned life and life Yanhui stomach, to "hungry?" Ling Xi Lu Yan and Vietnam are not afraid of snakes, Wang Shuxiu be at home there, if scared Wang Shuxiu bad.

These tomatoes did not let them down, bear fruit out of one big circle, watching the bright red, speckled with sweet and sour aroma. That did not hold back the cub also eat a slightly more blue, bite the taste is simply no way out. Thought of this, the cub swallowed, shouted, "give me a wash."

Yan Enliaoyisheng more thoughtfully, unexpected: "You grew up west where the number of sets of words?" Yan Ling Xi Lu in the hand palm scratched, just let him go. Lu Ling Xi eyes seem to have a smile, more a stare Yan, hastily with the past. Wang Shuxiu there has long been ready, waiting for landing Lingxi take her out. Xiao Feng ingenuity to come up with Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu holding admission, Wang Shuxiu put his hand to the idea. By Xiao Feng's words, it would be him a promise in front of Lu Ling Xi's. He will take care of Wang Shuxiu, let Lu Ling Xi assured.Ciclopirox Ten minutes later, Wang Shuxiu just out from the bathroom, Lu Ling Xi one saw her reddish eyes. Heart can not tell what it is, Lu Ling Xi whispered shouted: "Mom" Lu Ling Xi looked at the old man's appearance could not help laughing laughed, I feel this child likeable enough, but the name how to feel a little familiar, it seems where heard. Where is it? Old people, memory to die. Grandfather in earnest at the door of the blackboard and wrote a few words visitor Lu Ling Xi, then turned back to the cabin to go read the newspaper.

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