One person, one dog wandered into the micro-gardening, Black seemed to prefer to stay inside the micro-gardening, still with Lu Ling Xi how to coax refused to go across the pet store. Fortunately, it is not barking, do not make trouble, just group the body crouched in front of the wicker chairs beneath sleep. Customers have to pay attention to the store also can not see the dog. Occasionally a customer wants to see the big black tease it, large black eyes are not even lift, a change in direction to sleep. Shui Ling Xi Lu Yen more leaning out of the hall, he was afraid to catch cold Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi did not dare to directly take out, first find the land Lingxi coat wrapped him tightly, with only Lu Ling Xi go to the parking lot. Lu Ling Xi way are very obedient, side with Yan Yue in obediently. They got into the car, the more help Lu Yan Ling Xi wearing a seat belt, Lu Ling Xi stared unblinkingly watching the Yen. The more he looked at Yan mind a move, pinching his chin and kissed him one, softly: "? See what" Half-day inspection down, although some take a few days to see results, but it now appears, Lu Ling Xi's body is very healthy, something at all.

Ling Xi Lu looked at the time, unknowingly have six. Xiao Feng is not these days, every day he come back early to accompany Wang Shuxiu. "When I tidy up soon enough." He said as he stood in the doorway a few potted moved back to the store, the more color sleeves rolled up with him to pack up. Wang Shuxiu some funny, little bastard's mind to understand at a glance, she stood on Liu Mei Ling Xi Lu took a slap. "You'd worry more." This is not to go head Wang Chaoliang, Fang Lei big hand bags, hand holding, "Force flower" came. Fang Lei Wang Chaoliang see some surprises, "yo, Konishi have guests?" "Yan brother you come back?" Lu Ling Xi: "......" Against the three opposite apologetic eyes, Lu Ling Xi shook his head, "No, I have forgotten." Yan afar the back, do not know how the sea Yan suddenly thought of the Yin Ya. Yin Ya also had a joke in front of him not emboldened Yan Yue, the result? Yin Ya actually arrogant enough to get more directly face jail get out. Hai Yen thought of this, suddenly jump back a wave of chill. He shook his head and ran into the house to cheer, to see his father could not help but ask the phrase, "Dad, Yan increasingly doing?" "How can you in the hospital, Konishi was not feeling well?" Sulang saw Ling Xi Lu hands holding checklist. Separated by a door Lu Yan Ling Xi hear more what to say, he put the bed stuff it up and began waving the color box to find clothes.

"Boss?" Video corner, Yan Jie noted go more in God, whispered cautioned. "This dish long some large, your family did not fight drugs, right?" The Kang Ye Huizhong Beijing will release his intention to go abroad convalescence message, etc. Andrzej get Konishi family house next door, he would have to move out from the Yin family. When the leaves have the third brother to help, I want to find the father he is not so easy. Enough time to solve his life's most important about it. Around the young man quickly stopping him, "Brother, why fuss with a beast." Yan in the heart Ling Xi Lu's body, almost immediately found his exception. "Konishi also heard Lu Branch?" Although the Yen did not recognize, but leaves the eyes of his health problem is really very serious, long-term insomnia is not just caused by physical problems, more of a psychological Yin Ji. Kang Ye Yan recommendations have actually been more to find a girlfriend, he suspected that the more color is because of the lack of childhood parents caused subconscious insecurity, the situation was a little better with him. Yan chosen because their parents can be more reason for two | sexual relations out of exclusion, all the way to the single now. Yan seeing the problem is getting worse, they worry about the health of the leaf only occasionally keep an eye on the Yen's sleep. Yinyong De frowned and was about to reject NGAN the figure has appeared in the doorway. They walked about a half an hour away, Wang Chaoliang said:. "Do not look like we go far, in fact, there still belongs to the edge of the rainforest, go straight ahead so simply no end." Wind, big black ears pricked up, his eyes moistening his finger Ling Xi Lu, quietly lying on his feet. Land and water is a curse of a depressed, people are seeing around toward Wang Shuxiu speak, he estimated that today can not account for what is cheap, and bitterly lost a few hard words, pushed the crowd Mamalielie away.

"Konishi?" Xiao Feng looked at attention in a big black body, peripheral vision is more subtle sweep of a color. His relationship Yan Ling Xi Lu and some more curious, but he does not always like to speak out of turn, not to mention the more he and Yan have a common little secret.

Will the mysterious white panel in this body after the death of the original owner appears and this is the key to his rebirth white panel. Lu Ling Xi remembered the doctor said that this body had the heart to stop beating ten seconds, ten seconds in that in the end what happened? Come to think of seems to get down to business, the arms holding the pot of fruit vine was placed in front of Ling Xi Lu. "Little Boss trouble to look, this basin fruit vine spadix seem quite right."Crotamiton "? How could" Wang Shuxiu men kept alive, with Lin Mei chatted: "There is not the way people." Much is at stake in the rainforest, just all kinds of poisonous snakes, poisonous frogs, poisonous spiders do not know how many, lurks many other dangerous animals. While the convenience of staff at the station was built inside the rain forest, but also not too deep.

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