High-light Dyestuff

Lu Ling Xi blushing nodded and thought said:. "The easy route they also call on it." Yan Enliaoyisheng more thoughtfully, unexpected: "You grew up west where the number of sets of words?" Yan tapped the windowsill, rejected the marriage to him is not a problem, you can simply refused if things somewhat boring. Yin Ya do not always want to jump up and down to tie it a Millionaire? He felt pretty good Laris security. Imagine two after marriage Yin Lu father headache look, the more color hook the hook mouth, my heart had an idea.

This cry uncle called Xiao Hong merry face, laugh again. Lu Ling Xi Carter, he took out from his pocket a drum capsule capsule envelopes handed over. "Come on, holding a small West, just like what to buy." I do not know understand Lu Ling Xi, then big black muffled whimpered, Lu Ling Xi initiative in the palm rub the rub. Tian sister remembered something, concern said: "Little Miss discharged what you going to do?" Range Ling Xi Lu replied, her straight and said:. "The reading your age or we talk of the town home the point can be considered understanding of people, if you want reading, let your brother Lee running, find a place to re-read a high one, that is, than the average big two year old student, nothing. " Black does not know whether to understand the words of Ling Xi Lu, in his palm rub the rub, muffled cry, quietly lying on the ground. Let Lu Ling Xi familiar voice suddenly back to God, sparkling eyes turned to look at the color, "Yan brother you come back?" "This okay?" Ling Xi Lu Yan from the eyes to see the trust, crooked eyes, his mind. Wedding wedding was very, Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu solemnly put into the hands of Xiao Feng. Ling Xi Lu Xiao Feng patted on the shoulder, the eyes are faint smile. Look out Xiao Feng is really happy, he took the table one by one King Wang Shuxiu wine again, and stopped for Wang Shuxiu all the wine. Lu Ling Xi blinked, "sound? So you think it is a big black nosy What is that? Do not ask?"

Down over the summer, most of the residential areas on the inside of the cell like this green, full of life environment. Even more speculation cell rate higher every day mediation in the district which we sell flicker, few people heart. "Hissing." Black looked up the protest. Yen more agile due to pull the landing Lingxi action almost fell on the floor blanket, re-cover the body of Ling Xi Lu. He reached out and touched Lu Ling Xi forehead, and whispered: "? There for an hour, to drink it." "How?" Yanyue Li engraved back to God, walked past. Xu is steaming, Lu Ling Xi white skin glowing under the lights slightly pink, black eyes are like being washed off Usually clear moist. He put some shyly tugging at the door, looking at the color, a small channel:. "Help me win pajamas" Yan heard the laugh, count afternoon, Lu Ling Xi before and slept for almost 17.8 hours, and really sleep much. He reached Ling Xi Lu in the arms, hand and gently touched Lu Ling Xi's neck, good laugh: "?. After drinking it was also drank drunk like this." "Xiaoya how is your sister, how can you be so indifferent to her? I did not even see the housekeeper said you are willing to see her, you know Xiaoya how sad?" Wang Shuxiu attention quickly shifted to another thing recently keen, fatten Lu Ling Xi. She always knew that their own son was, after all, is the matter with her, as long as she was not a bit backward, not to mention the advantages of Lu Ling Xi entirely lug her and the devil in length. Just past Lu Ling Xi too rebellious, but likes heavy metal gothic visual kei what she did not understand these things all day to see a face painted like people, she can not remember how long have not seen clean Ling Xi Lu a face. The Lu Ling Xi after the accident alternate personality, and nothing in his face painted Stop being a hypocrite. Wang Shuxiu see the landing Lingxi pale little face, really made him look like, the only bad is a little too thin, especially adolescent boys boy or a good strong point. His casual tone, he did not seem to see Lu Ling Xi doubt secretly relieved. Lu Ling Xi disturbed. "You think so, but ......?" He hesitated and said: "? In fact, this can be considered a good change it." Land and water at the side of a whining scolded: "You little bastard long skill, ah, I dare put a dog bites you, quickly put the dog to I led away."

"Konishi, this is the last time, I promise."

Lu Ling Xi shook his head, Wang Shuxiu calm down, can not help but asked:. "Next time you encounter that old bastard you run, do not be silly standing by his flicker" This is Lu Ling Xi amnesia, amnesia, if not before, Wang Shu scholar not worry. "Yan brother you still there?"High-light Dyestuff These unanswered questions troubled landing Ling Xi, he repeated this time thinking about the experience. He died, came back to life, not only have a healthy body, but also more of a strange "toys." He gently turned a body, thought Wang Shuxiu call him little bastard like, do not know the truth Wang Shuxiu tell what will happen? We estimate they will not polite to give him a slap in the face, and then he finds that it is a lie. "Wang Shuxiu your son now." Another voice warned.

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