Ethyl Crotonate

Lu Ling Xi really want to make progress Sulang research continues, but more so Yan said he was more worried about making investment decisions Yan too hasty, once said: "Yan Big Brother you do not control rubescens, and if this study ... ... " He had just a small stone in the afternoon back to the spirit of water village, a small stone on the rack to look for grandma. Ling Xi Lu Xiaojuan listened to the words of the line and the sleeves are up, the results of Dong grandmother life and death fight to keep stopping that fight also remember the first row, just come back how small stones have to be looking hard, call a few days. Lu Ling Xi look like small stones, a few days later estimated to mix. A yellow touches because it was Grandma Dong boast and boast. Dong grandmother did not previously agree to raise A small yellow stone, this did not opinions, but also to buy the bones is barrier kennel, A yellow straight to their home as benefactor. Noisy afternoon until the evening and only then the Yen Lu Ling Xi Ling from the water back from the village. Xue through the emergence of Lu Ling Xi is an ordinary customer terms, it did not particularly care how. After going back to Xue but rather through micro-gardening obsession, holding bought Rieger begonia research studies go, it made up his mind to work out in the end is what kinds of flowers hybrid cultivars.

Ling Xi Lu eyes closed, his hands clutching his mother crying as if in front looks. Seeing Lu Ling Xi walked away, shaking his head sigh Tian brother, the king of flowers be rain comes. Is a cell, someone we all know what a situation. Wang flowers temper strong, a woman propped up a home, but why not help land a water mud on the wall. Even if there is a son, what can foreland Ling Xi, simply means not on. Who wants to go on Lu Ling Xi gate of hell in a circle, reborn just like it is for a person. Now speaking, everyone says Lu Ling Xi amnesia good, do not think of things in the past to. There are a few jokes, someday own a little bastard can go amnesia. Lu Ling Xi: "......" Yan the corner of my eye noticed a large black Kenwan chicken also put out his tongue licking boy's finger, his face slightly distorted, is really a stupid dog. Lu Ling Xi suddenly stared, his heart jumped violently. "Mom found how to do?" This booklet is not thick, Lu Ling Xi will be the effort to turn a half. Wang Shuxiu do not know from where to find the booklet seems to be specially popular for homosexuality. Obviously the above statements are very serious serious, even painting cute cartoon villain is the main, Lu Ling Xi is that the body is getting hot, his face unconsciously fly full flush. That night, with the patient ward 17 of the notice can be discharged the next day, the whole ward people are very happy. To the point of sleep on weekdays and has not been sleeping, we are excited together chatting. Lu Ling Xi also for patient 17 was pleased, the other is a big and tall man, we call him Laoding. Ward Lu Ling Xi Min, also the only one who does not need to shout and shout Laoding Dingo. "You can seize the moment and her sister gave birth to a student a course if the students do not want younger siblings does not matter, Konishi good child, and did not own a difference. Man Tate mind big point, the child did not have children, do not own all natural It is not important, is the wife of the person over a lifetime. " "I did not hurt last time the pain is blowing, cold day to play croquet, a station that is a long time. Young people are not anti-down, do not say you are the king grandma."

Taking advantage of Fengcheng now account policy is not tight, Yanyue Shun Lee moved over to the residence, settled down to the cell house. Lu Ling Xi also move the accounts from home, with the Yen fell together. Get a new account of this day, Yan turned more satisfied watching the contents inside. Headed a column filled his name, followed by the family is Ling Xi Lu. Dogs are man almost cry. And an old dog from the yard came out, this old dog looks a little afraid of the big yellow dog outside, facing the outside of the big yellow dog cried loudly. Two dogs distant confrontation, the big yellow dog's eyes moved from the old dog men, bared Ziya turned slowly away. Lu Ling Xi at the moment, back to God. About these seeds he has long wanted a good excuse to say that these seeds he helped growers are busy at the hospital, gave him a flower. He felt fun, try to think of one kind of species. "Computer can charge?" Micro-gardening in general nine door, Lu Ling Xi came early today, it will open for business early. Will the mysterious white panel in this body after the death of the original owner appears and this is the key to his rebirth white panel. Lu Ling Xi remembered the doctor said that this body had the heart to stop beating ten seconds, ten seconds in that in the end what happened? It proposed that the computer is almost the same by Ling Xi Lu found out last bank card and gave it to the Yen. Card inside a hundred thousand, and he considered the more a person Yen upfront investment of fifty thousand. Computer belonging to the store to buy after the property, can not let the color of his own pocket. Since he could not put juveniles locked up, I could do nothing but think of ways to become a unique heart juvenile man. "Sulang." "Ah?" Lu Ling Xi look puzzled.

Wang Chaoliang face grew mad as a hatter, he always felt this small black snake seemed to be spoiled, just like in the hands of Yan had been wronged, the same complain to find Lu Ling Xi. He shook his head and flashed the idea, I feel really confused.

Small black snake suddenly froze motionless. Xiao Feng Yan more missed, landing Ling Xi smiled. Along the side of the big black watchful stare Xiao Feng look, walked slowly to the wall squat, leap out at any time to maintain the state. Xiao Feng Yan's attention from the more moved to the big black body, with interest saw a large black glances. Dog humanity, especially the black dog is some public pool. He does not look like a big black dog in general, some clever overdone.Ethyl Crotonate Wang Shuxiu thought a pound the table, "OK, you little bastard good people and bad not to say, he is not your partner do? Another day call home to eat a meal." The more we do not know Yan Ye Kang is worried about him, put away the phone strode across the street toward the micro-gardening.

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