Methyl 3-aminocrotonate

It can be seen through the white panel, several strains of seedlings planted his backyard growing on trees is not the same. Not because of lack of water dead, but because of severe soil acidification leads to soil compaction, root saplings already weak, so that stretch more difficult, simply can not be absorbed into the soil of nutrients. He turned back to the storm two weeks ago, so if more than a few times, I do not know what the environment will deteriorate into. Xiao Feng and Wang Shuxiu together, really want to thank the "rain" the matchmaker. He said interesting, Lu Ling Xi followed laughed, the laugh asked Grandma Wang's legs did not hurt these days, right?

The heavy rain lasted a full day and night stopped down. Because of the old drainage system, nearly half of Fengcheng soak in the water, many units are on holiday. Lu Ling Xi called Dong Qi asked a question, the micro-gardening heard in front of the street was also flooded, and decided to give himself put a fake. Two in the morning, the cold face Yan sitting in front of a computer. The other side of the computer assistant Yan Yue Jie. Yan Jie is the university students, after graduation has been followed by Yan Yue, it has been five years time. The Yen returning more specifically to Andrzej stay in a foreign country for him and sits Temple Group overseas subsidiaries. He stared at Chunlan looked a long time, really nothing happened. No white light, any light green, Chunlan has not suddenly disappeared. He did not give up too scanned again, the panel of information about this strain Chunlan changed, Lu Ling Xi looked stunned not help. "Do not be so anxious for a while." He did not let go hold the Yen, softly:. "I had not hold off the small West," Xiao Feng back from the beginning of the northwest, Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu worried at home alone at night, it made no been flowerbeds overnight. Every time the two were alone in the car is not a store, scruples sight around the Yan can not do anything, only has endured the desire for Ling Xi Lu. Today had the chance alone together, the more impulsive Yan, Lu Ling Xi do not want to put back. Lu Ling Xi: "...... wrong." Lu Ling Xi listening to his praise could not help laughing. Dongzhi in the eyes, as long as people like animals are good. But also thanks to Dongzhi mention a car, Lu Ling Xi finally remembered where he saw the car. He followed that a few days ago to the bookstore when the easy route, easy route was like Dongzhi as car traffic in front of a half-day saliva. A morning time in the past, the more color card with the point in time for the Lu Ling Xi dinner came. This time he did not take geranium, but hold several bags of dog food imports. Big black dog smell the smell, the more one looked Yan continued lazily lying on the ground. Yen more depressed in the eyes of disgust, "You Ling Xi's father?" Last night, he had to take the hospital lobby Scindapsus experiment a lot, to determine a mysterious white panel can display wards he raised Chlorophytum basin can also display other plants. He had wanted to go to the garden to continue the pilot, but at the time it is in the evening, too many people in the garden, he was worried that people see that they are abnormal, only Renxia the idea. This morning, before dawn, Lu Ling Xi could not sleep, have been thinking about it. He felt faint, white panel detector is like a plant, and he is holding a similar detector "plant doctor", this new identity allowed him to plant more than an unspeakable intimacy.

He did not know, but Xiao Feng know. Big black kitten on provocation has always turned a blind eye, calm squatting on the ground continue to eat tomatoes it. Kitten cry of dissatisfaction, quickly jumped out of the land Ling Xi arms, waving a paw opened the tomatoes, in time before the big black reactive jumped the fence and turned to leave. "Then change it clouds limestone, the store has to sell it?" Father standing behind his mother, his face look obscure complex, he looked at his father to see his mother, obedient nod. "mom." Lu Ling Xi nodded, quickly rushed over bath, obedient lying on the bed. Yan thought he gave a message more and more, "Yan brother you home yet? I want to sleep, good night." Dongzhi nodded. Black injury almost recovered, pay attention to me no problem. Accustomed to the outside unfettered life, now being held in a cage all day, very large black temper temper. Ling Xi Lu is also a day to feed them when to gentle point, usually no less big black pet store to see a doctor to scare other pets. It was made Dongzhi headache, anxious Lu Ling Xi quickly led away to it. The staff smiled and explained: "Do not worry, inside the rainforest because of the unique environment limited vision, in addition to small monkeys such a high station most people can not see how far there is to say armed police regularly patrol near the border, there would be no thing. . " Wang Shuxiu pushed him into it, "You go, took off his clothes and throw on the inside on the line, I'll be thrown together washing machine." Wang Shuxiu hear he meant do not want to eat out, the moment is not hypocritical, refreshing and said: "My craft also had to go, and if you do not mind peak brother to go home to eat."

Fang Lei put down the heart. "Well, quickly contact the zoo, to see how to deal with these snakes, especially cobras that two bags, people simply cautious and feel uncomfortable." Yan turned and went around the land of Ling Xi, watching his warm eyes, looking down on his forehead and kissed softly: "how to wake up so early?"Methyl 3-aminocrotonate Plant Requirements: root damage Lu Ling Xi a small white suit sitting in the corner watching them laugh. Yen Vietnam accompany his side, quietly holding out his hand under the table Lu Ling Xi. Lu Ling Xi Somewhat taken aback, and immediately glanced guiltily around, they see no one noticed the little tricks, only the anti-hand back. Yen more bent lips, revealing a faint smile.

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