The blue cyanine B

Plant survival degree: High "What look?" Wang Shuxiu here do not look very happy meal before she came here, did a lot of traffic, the boss is also good craft. The key here is the price is very reasonable. Wang Shuxiu not wear grumble people, simply made a decision. "Just here, boss we first signed the contract."

Greenhouse farming with soil inside the peak is the brother from Yan pull over there, do not know where to look for more color, which laid down layers of soil, the seeds are basically soaring, on top of a few days seedling. Until the time of harvest is unexpected, we can say is a large harvest. Wang Shuxiu today is really happy, everyone said open restaurants hard, but she is not afraid of pain. Her life to eat a lot of bitter, childhood family was poor for dinner also not afford to go out early to make a living. Lu later married a water, life is good although some may be a water-jerk Jiabu Zhu Lu, the day was still bitter. Should not hold her several times, and still think of little bastard just boil down. Not wishing Pro old days again becomes something to look forward. These days he was forced Peak brother dun powerful, all day hiding. Wang Shuxiu mind vicious woman, not a penny is not only cruel, but also everywhere clamoring to divorce him. Land and a water followed since childhood grew up with his mother, his father never even seen what. And so his mother died, his close relatives also left the Ling Xi Lu and Wang Shuxiu two people. In addition to their mother, he is really no other place to give change. Lu thought of water, Wang Shuxiu not rely on the land Lingxi little bastard son he can always rely on it. All this results a few days, Lu Ling Xi is not exactly like his father, like this. A land and water do not go, only to find Lu Ling Xi adventure. Black tilted its head, and whispering woo loudly. In the face of this metamorphosis supervision, morality and intelligence cooperation and N.T very smoothly. It is not the first collaboration between the two, although since we last N.T blow their own reasons, but the two sides have established a good mutual trust. The opening of the invitation N.T Yan together rubescens investment research, N.T hit it off immediately agreed down. Xiao Man laughing finished, Wang Shuxiu laughed, feeling the phrase, "Ye home a few years not so lively." Full name Qianlao money Yuanzheng, a retired vice president of the Association of Fengcheng flowers, also known gardening engineer, a plant belonging to hardcore enthusiasts, for many years has been engaged in research and the introduction of plant species cultivated landscape resources and so on. He did not say that curiosity is false, can engage in a lifetime of Qianlao flower plants, deeply understand the principle, nature magic sometimes not human can imagine. He looked at the top of this strain of Rieger begonias not the slightest trace of crossbreeding, exactly like a begonia evolution, yes, but not a mutation evolution. "How much blood pressure?" "80" "Oh." Miss Su Ling Xi saw my grandfather not want to mention, also no longer continue with this topic. He did not take it upon yourself to contact, just think Sulang very unfortunate.

Lu Ling Xi break open plant evolution is something more Yen know, pressing him to the hospital the next day checked again body. This was the second claim Lu Yen Ling Xi have a check-up. Last Yan know more after the existence of the white panel, pull landing Lingxi checked again. Yan was more scared of the moment this issue, then he is calm around, some of them not by the accident. "Go to your house for dinner?" Plant survival: Low Dongzhi shook his head, his pet store which also often salvage some of the abandoned dog, and occasionally people come on these puppies will adopt them. But in general this has been adopted puppy, either obedient sensible, or is some of the more expensive dog, like a big black entirely is an ordinary dog, who would adopt it then? "know." "......" Here he began to pack up, big black quietly squatted beside him. Lu Ling Xi touched the head of a large black, big black whispered cry. Dogs are man almost cry. And an old dog from the yard came out, this old dog looks a little afraid of the big yellow dog outside, facing the outside of the big yellow dog cried loudly. Two dogs distant confrontation, the big yellow dog's eyes moved from the old dog men, bared Ziya turned slowly away. Ling Xi Lu old man thought it was before they heard the conversation, nodded. Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu took the bowl from his hand, smiled and did not speak.

"Really?" Lu Ling Xi Road surprise. Some people come in the door, all the attention in the land Ling Xi's body, not even a trace of excess eyes are not scattered to other places. Ye Kang mouth pumping pumping, for the first time found himself so no sense of place. Unlike some of the more immediate Yen his memory, off the usual shirts trousers, shorts and t-shirt simple and refreshing, full of fresh looking angry. But he remembers the color in a foreign country, a high temperature of thirty degrees still starched shirts, buttons to fasten to a top, the more rarely seen wearing a T-shirt color look.

"I brought the bottle of wine then, Xiao Man you put where, and will be out to everyone to drink." "Hey, hey, peak brother!" Lu took a water tight man wants to say anything.The blue cyanine B Young man: "......" A pedestrian not be here more, today is Friday, Dulin worried back late to catch Fengcheng traffic jam, they're in trouble. Lee uncle of Ling Xi Lu impression is really good, all the way to put them to the side of the road, straight Lu Ling Xi asked time often. Flowerbeds things also assured that he must give good care of, not to worry about the little doll.

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