Crotonic Acid

Fang Lei far Queenan urban areas do not know what he was thinking about the Yen, a series of several dozen sneeze. "It's strange, is it a small gray like me." Fang Lei to himself. On this trip he can not be with a small gray out together, or like last time the little gray entrusted to colleagues. In order to avoid small gray cat naughty uncle, he also specifically with colleagues explain, do not feed the little old gray eat cats canned food, small gray prefer to eat dried fish, and occasionally also to improve the lives of small gray. ? "Serpent" Wang Chaoliang immediately stopped and whispered: ".. Do not move as long as we do not first provocation, nor the main snake generally provoke us," but he said that, or from the bag and pulls out a pre-prepared the snake medicine. Bitten by a venomous snake is not the best, if there is bitten can be considered ready. Although winter dormancy, but the willow body vitality is still very strong. Lu Ling Xi looked up at the taller vaguely seems some big willow, imagine the scene after it evolved again.

At this time almost evening, in order to open the outside lights, bright lights with Yan Yue Ying Yiu profile, handsome like a dazzling sun. Sulang, Ye Kang Yan the trio, Sulang character best, most narcissistic Ye Kang, Yan is the most handsome A handsome British Gas is pressing. Yan drove the past, Lee uncle saw the hesitation of an umbrella came over. The time will come to the village only Yan and Lu Ling Xi of. Lu Ling Xi lying in bed happy playing a roll, although the bed is very small, but also to roll when he worried that they will not be rolled up, but he really has never been such fun. If this is a dream, he wished he could sleep wake. Black got into blind eyes, moved a few steps forward, lying on the table stood Chunlan feet. "Welcome! Han brother?" From micro to gardening bookstore not far away, it did not take a bus, walk all the way went over. Hang Lu Ling Xi Yi remember amnesia thing, every intersection to be deliberately Lu Ling Xi refers several times, called his words in terms of strengthening the memory. This is a part of their activities Fengcheng central location, lots of very busy. At this point it time to work, bustling very lively. Yan Wang Chaoliang have heard the way through the more talked about, the moment succinctly repeat it again. He had seen a large black black smart look, the more color for the bird population mentioned smart enough to give them a warning little monkey also convinced. He would also have to worry about two other staff members do not believe that, who knows he finished, one of the staff thought, smiled and said: "I know you say is what a small monkey, and a very clever little guy, occasionally to the workstation side, but it is very vigilant, very few take the initiative and dealing with people, you can give this warning is really rare. " Xiao Feng mind clear how, but can not and Wang Shuxiu said. But he owes favors Yan Yue, also helped to explain the sentence. "Konishi and go near the Yen is not a bad thing. Did not you say he had amnesia for things in the past no impression Well, Yan more willing to take care of him, he is also close to the normal color." The old man spoke a finger than a words.

One person, one snake game for a long time, the more color choice but to put up with a small black snake hanging from his wrist. Fortunately this snake is very conscious, more Yan said Freeze, it's really stiff body motionless. If it does not look carefully, you do not find the snake still alive. Ling Xi Lu but did not take the elevator to the first floor by the stairs, he felt his body recovered well, usually given the chance, I am more willing to move a bit. On the ground floor of the canteen to buy something, he was filled with curious look into the pot stand in front of the door, no one around to take advantage of the fast hand touched the green radish leaves in front of a white panel quickly appeared. Lu Ling Xi want to exclude suspects, they are looking for more suspects a person or thing out, and there is a large willow perfect to meet all this. Xiao Feng back in the day, Kang Ye also came Fengcheng. And the reaction time of the city as Xiaohong Gang, Ye Kang also change Fengcheng scared one. Via a high-speed toll, Fengcheng inside and outside urban areas like two seasons. While still as dull as winter, spring is already one side. Lee saw the uncle anxious, more directed at Yan Li uncle nodded, "has been that good, he began to work tomorrow." Lu Ling Xi hesitated a few seconds, the end is not to hold back and asked: "how he now?" Aware of the problem wrong, Lu Ling Xi hide explained: "I say I am your friend exactly the same name, he What to do? " "Well, I can not remember even if."

People eat a meal enjoyable, ate dinner, cub shouted to sing. Wang Shuxiu rare closed day long about Lin Mei want to go out. Lu Yan Ling Xi heart misses more that looking for his business, declined singing proposal, a person back home. Lu Ling Xi he should have died. He also thought that the last thing a small stone, Fang Lei forgot to big black matchmaker, did not think he remembers, but also to face the New Year so one.Crotonic Acid Lu Ling Xi serious look at the side, extra baggage of the old man noticed his gaze, turned kindly at him and laughed. "What young man looking at?" Xiao Feng said far far indeed, turning a junction on to, it is a street of two-story restaurant. However, use of only one layer, below the top of the roof was too low, that is barely able to be a place to rest. The restaurant owner has been waiting for them in the store, see Xiao Feng immediately over his face smiling bloom.

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