Methyl Crotonate

"OK, no problem." The house is not large, it is a small family of two-bedroom. Because it is relatively old apartment, two bedrooms are quite large, but the living room is a little compressed. And because Both bedrooms are facing south, it is the eight children of South transparent, squeezed in the middle of the living room with no windows, it is a little bit dark. Xue Ling Xi Lu Tong smile and say hello to play, only to find the store there is another person. Lu Ling Xi and looking to make people feel comfortable different, more out of a sense of the presence of this person is too strong. Neither looked like the micro-micro-gardening who does not like gardening store people, Xue through some guessing each other's identity.

"Wang." Ling Xi Lu laughed, "Yan brother you think Rubescens this good?" Lu Ling Xi: "......" Soon the effort, and Xiao Wang Shuxiu on Mann talked together, never lack a common topic among women. Xiao Feng and Xiao Hong aside Couzhe interest, but also from time to time to ask a few Ling Xi Lu. After eating enjoyable, it touches people really have a feeling. Songjiazhuang what happened, several villages around all know. I heard gold youngest woke up the first thing is to shut down the plastics plant. He was not prepared to stay in this awful place, the group is not just a dog a dog, all into a fine. Yan looked more envious, from behind holding Lu Ling Xi biting his ear, pointing to one of them said:. "This position can also stop a person, I'll let Andrzej P me go." Pondering his heart, the greenhouses matter to the butadiene, drove all the way back to the city, looking for a gold shop gave Wang Shuxiu pick up a bracelet. Taking into account the busy day, the kitchen also Wang Shuxiu things, Xiao Feng what JADE like no pick, afraid of flowers with a reluctant, for fear knock bumped up to a bracelet for. "We directly into?" Ye Kang glanced around people queuing, deep sleep if he had to stand up and say do not line up, which immediately rushed out and was able to teach him a lesson.

Uncle Lee is not only home is the case, and different city, basically every household in rural yard love something to keep the species usually eat. Formerly home to eat because of a reason not to fight drugs, although the species out of something wonderful, but the yield is not much. This time do not know how, yield attached turned several repeated. Today the village but worry about how to do these things? So eat rotten to the ground pity, out to sell it, go near the vicinity of the village are like them, will buy. It goes far to Fengcheng, and some worth while. What Wang Shuxiu say, I hesitated for a long or waved Lu Ling Xi go wash your face. Taking advantage of Ling Xi Lu in the bathroom, Wang Shuxiu pout to a booklet stuffed Lu Ling Xi portable archive. She thought for a night, that can only be the case.Methyl Crotonate "You quit your job?" This time it leaves Kang surprised, "Why? You are not about to rise, deputy director of it?" Yan is no more to be in the grandfather here, and soon chose to leave. Yan Yan Yongde want to leave the dinner together, he was refused the Yanyue Wan. Ya Yin and her mother shopping is about to come back, they do not want to face the destruction of their feelings. Yan Yan Yongde saw more meaning, silent in my heart sigh. Over the years the relationship between mother and son Yan is getting worse, in addition to the problem of Seiran Yin Yan the character itself is also part of the reason. Whenever Yan more patience will not be so extreme, even if it is willing to Yin Ya perfunctory perfunctory, their mother would not get that far.

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