Solvent Dyestuff

"Dad." Yin Seiran Although now nearly fifty years, but in front of Yan Yongde still a little girl look, "You mention the night with A dinner thing yet?" Sulang see the landing Ling Xi eyes flashed a strange smile, but soon disappeared without a trace. Kang Ye Fang Lei and several people arrived one after another, we get together joked. Sulang across the table and looked at the Yan Ling Xi Lu clenched fingers, pick up the phone to delete the pictures of the above. The picture was in Jing'an District, Beijing was the primary school, Lu Yan Ling Xi took the more positive standing with the primary entrance janitor old man saying something. Sulang did not tell anyone about, just a few days before he has to go in Beijing. For some it is not clear mind, and he deliberately went out of an afternoon's Jing'an District was the primary school, but how did not expect to encounter Lu Ling Xi and Yan in the primary entrance. They are on the way back to the rotation driving all the way to one million Shaw squatted quietly in the back seat, guarding the two men repairing a variety of specialty northwest. There Xiao Feng deliberately bought a dozen boxes of dried beef, beef flavor Shaw smelled one million, but refused to leave the back seat. Gone seven or eight hours later, the two men entered the city at high speed. Xiao Hong was the first to see the sides of the street planted willow. A few days ago from the rain only a few days of effort, willow shoots have grown into long fingers. Sunshine spilled Fei color transfer, leaves of the tree simply vividly people feel comfortable.

Yan Yue: "......" "You have to watch as they have lost the right to inherit the Cape together?" Yan Yongde Road, turn iron into steel. Yen more interrupted him, "I Konishi is a friend, I will send you to the hospital." By onlookers for so long has been the limit Yan Yue, especially here away from the micro-gardening far, he did not want the teenagers involved Come in. Yan looked down at the computer, casually: "? What is urgent." Teenage solemn tone, apparently agreed to his proposal. Yan slightly at the mouth, a stranger - a familiar stranger - a partner, he left with the Juvenile step closer. "Well, you can go." Fang Lei on the phone is not convenient to say anything, just vaguely reminded Lu Ling Xi an, do not let his recent run around with a big black. The above will be how to deal with these things is uncertain, but at present, indicating insider be kept confidential. "Oh." Lu Ling Xi nodded obediently. Lu Ling Xi & amp; Yan Yue: "......"

"Do you remember that big yellow dog small stones around it will not be a big yellow dog found a small stone to find lost dog king for help?" Ling Xi Lu Wen long time did not smell anything, the color of the more funny on the eyes, down his arm somewhat embarrassed. "Yan brother you going to finish off a fake?" Lu Ling Xi thought he busy day thing today, asked one. Wang Shuxiu wanted to do not understand, how the land have Lingxi amnesia can not remember what the school still so exclusive. Sent Lu Ling Xi go take a nap, Wang Shuxiu put away the dishes, a sitting room, counting her savings. Lu Ling Xi think happy, Yan is also the thought of this, raising his hand and rubbed his hair and whispered: "? Mom did not get angry." Dong Xiaolei eyes light up, "You are to catch the bad guy do? I know where the bad guys." Yan chuckle more, know Xue Tong did not point out the mistake, but the spider thing generally say it again, especially highlighted they have applied for a plant variety. "Konishi, I think this pot plants with the pots that better?"

"The." Wang Shuxiu while carrying things off, while pointing to Lu Ling Xi Road. A rare morning to sleep a Lanjue, Lu Ling Xi rubbed his eyes up when Xiao Feng has been with large black outside the lap. As an energetic dog, big black like go for sports. Unfortunately, Lu Ling Xi physically can not keep up, big black and Lu Ling Xi refuses to harm the "self-esteem", followed by Lu Ling Xi rarely enjoy playing, and only the more Yan Xiao Feng and take it out, big black fun to run around .Solvent Dyestuff This life is the former Miss Ling Xi dare not imagine. Health, care for his mother, a free new friends, completely dominated by his own, these are former Miss Ling Xi dream but you will never get. Rubescens panel displays without any problems, why the leaves would all fall out? Lu Ling Xi looked bare rubescens sudden spiritual blessing to heart, he has not thought of Rubescens evolutionary reasons. And most of the plants will fall into winter dormancy different, unique property itself rubescens decided it will grow another form in the winter. He has been kept in the store rubescens, maintain the room temperature at 20 degrees, rubescens without the necessary growth stage, naturally not evolved.

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