High-wash Dyestuff

"Popping" sound Cui Xiang, Lu Ling Xi from the sly black just pocket climbed the edge of the table, it was a grape middle forehead, confusing to drop to the ground. Shaw million, almost immediately rushed over, big black suddenly got up, hunched Ziya stand in front of black. Botanical name: Variation rubescens Lu Ling Xi responded a few seconds, nodded slowly. After a while, Lu Ling Xi what seems to think, pressing voice whispered:. "Yan brother I have a secret to tell you."

In early March, Xiao Hong and Xiao Feng came back from the northwest. There things are handled almost, two misses home, but also no more than to be in there. Lu Ling Xi clinging to the kitchen door at her ingratiating smile, Wang Shuxiu did not get his way, "the garlic mixed with eggplant, right? I'll wait to buy eggplant." From that day on, the more color more and more sleep at night. He used to wander alone at night in the Yen family mansion, when wandering tired, when to return to the room to sleep. This situation continued for several years until he grew up began to learn to control their behavior. Scan spirit shed, plant demand showed vine fruit needs light, apparently before the lack of light. From small to large, the Yanshi Hui life is considered smooth. He is the only one failure and Yin Seiran marriage. After that, whether living or business, he never tasted the taste of defeat. Yen on the arrangements, and he mentioned not without opinions, but he got used to control everything, can consciously control his son. Let him think that, but why is that he felt able to control the son gave him a fatal blow. Xiao Hong simply thrilled. Wang Shuxiu Qiao blushed, Liu Mei stood glared at him, Chen Dao: "Where's your son." In addition to convenient billing, the more worried Yan Lu Ling Xi micro-gardening boring day stay, thinking for a computer, he can play the game to see what news. He'd like to buy a computer to send Lu Ling Xi, but would certainly not want to know that teenagers can only be sub-roundabout. Lu Ling Xi hospital these days, although the people inside to ward Wang Shuxiu perception is not good, but Lu Ling Xi is pick anything wrong. Child looks nice and polite, very likable. Especially Lu Ling Xi, although a person, no one around to take care, but he rarely trouble others, even the nurses are rarely trouble, can do everything a man to do. Fall in the eyes of all, it is sensible that he's distressed, usually there is anything we are willing to take the handle.

Lu Ling Xi awkward nod, Wang Shuxiu and told a few, seeing running late for work, only stepping on high-heeled shoes in a hurry to leave the hospital. Andrzej quipped, "the boss drives his own car, I'm afraid I will be excited bad break." Lu Ling Xi while opening, "Yan brother was looking for you." Small gray angrily meow twice. Having said this thing, Yan Fang Lei asked a few more of the status hung up the phone. His office last night, all night one night, just came back to the hostel. Prior to his cell phone and his colleagues have been confiscated as the above, it was a holiday just send them down. Fang Lei Ling Xi Lu know he called a violation of the confidentiality of discipline, but Lu Ling Xi before trusting him, told him something about animals, he also hopes to have the opportunity to remind Lu Ling Xi an. Wang Shuxiu followed his gaze to see the past, suddenly threw the hands of something rushed up. Hung up the phone, leaves some doubt Kang Yan Ling Xi Lu is more that can be more reluctant Yan explained, he would not ask in the end. Besides he had seen Ling Xi Lu, juvenile temper pure simple, unlike what is the pressure, not to mention a split personality. In the end how is it?

Lu Ling Xi whispered Enliaoyisheng reduction in the Yen's arms to find a comfortable position, half lying on the sofa and began to read readily pick up a flower illustrations. He looked at reading, but little attention is not focused, the more my mind kept thinking Yan said. The longer life of this world, the more he recognized the state of past life is not normal. This is not normal and not just because he could not go to school year-round needs to be at home, but do not want to think of going ...... Lu Ling Xi, put down the book stood up and hugged the waist Yan, head buried in the arms of the Yen. Although winter dormancy, but the willow body vitality is still very strong. Lu Ling Xi looked up at the taller vaguely seems some big willow, imagine the scene after it evolved again.High-wash Dyestuff Black some reluctance in his arms rub the rub, Lu Ling Xi patient feeling big black head, the commitment:. "I quickly came back." "Where is it now?" "Back to the store yet?" "In the morning eat?"

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