Lu Ling Xi touched a small black snake, named it black, along the Black name. "After you called black, remember?" Yan Yue messages quickly over, he is now stuck in traffic, so do not worry Ling Xi Lu. Yen Vietnam did not say better, he said, stuck in traffic, Lu Ling Xi more worried. And looked out of the window, Lu Jing Ling Xi really nothing less than the heart to do, simply sitting in front while carrying a wicker chair while waiting for the Yen, while holding a brush to open mobile Internet news. He said, to watch the people around them rushes up immediately.

Lu Ling Xi keen sense out of his bad mood, thought his head and said: "?? Yan Brother you upset you because I heard you talking on the phone in the car yet." His escape more so, the more that Kang Ye Yan aggravated the problem. Yen may not want to say more, Kang Ye eyes flashed a little worried, refrained did not ask. Seven coming when Lu Ling Xi was rubbing his eyes and sat up. See he was ready to get up, the more color came over and kissed him, and said softly: "?. How much sleep a what to eat in the morning, I do." Dongzhi nodded. Black injury almost recovered, pay attention to me no problem. Accustomed to the outside unfettered life, now being held in a cage all day, very large black temper temper. Ling Xi Lu is also a day to feed them when to gentle point, usually no less big black pet store to see a doctor to scare other pets. It was made Dongzhi headache, anxious Lu Ling Xi quickly led away to it. Plant Requirements: None Small stones shuffles untie his pants, against a roadside tree in urine up. Far from a yellow dog jump out of small stones urinary half scared quickly hid behind men. "My uncle afraid of dogs." Kang Ha and two leaves look fun, and Ling Xi Lu Yan will return to the more micro-gardening. One afternoon in the past, before the rush at 6:00, Kang leaves a person strolled across the road back into his shop. "Rest assured, no matter Yan brother." Easy route dress and went to the hospital the day while watching Lu Ling Xi almost big black skull t-shirt, holes in jeans, his face with hair is colorful, just like the poster person Lu Ling Xi before the pack to come out the same.

Yan some more distressed, but his car two bags of dog food in addition to nothing. Fortunately, there is such a car roadside restaurant, he thought the general age boy like to eat fast food, they deliberately turned the room. Wang Chaoliang said the last sigh, do not say somewhere else, in front of this rainforest area will continue to become smaller, although the country has been in China shouting environmental protection, and economic interests, but compared to the so-called protection is a talk. Ye Yan Kang questions for more frowned, answer the question and said:. "You do not cry hungry, we went to eat it." He would not finish, the lead man grunted interrupted: "What they did not see did not see the hurry to take what you do not forget the Six, Five has been planted, it is estimated that for the life insurance?. not to say all is said. here we have worked hard for many years now this foundation, and now other lines are not safe, so we only have a drug trafficking line ...... just in case, even if that kid did not see is their bad luck. " Two are talking, far Zhanglao call a cry, "Konishi." Yan Enliaoyisheng more thoughtfully, unexpected: "You grew up west where the number of sets of words?" Sulang see the landing Ling Xi eyes flashed a strange smile, but soon disappeared without a trace. Kang Ye Fang Lei and several people arrived one after another, we get together joked. Sulang across the table and looked at the Yan Ling Xi Lu clenched fingers, pick up the phone to delete the pictures of the above. The picture was in Jing'an District, Beijing was the primary school, Lu Yan Ling Xi took the more positive standing with the primary entrance janitor old man saying something. Sulang did not tell anyone about, just a few days before he has to go in Beijing. For some it is not clear mind, and he deliberately went out of an afternoon's Jing'an District was the primary school, but how did not expect to encounter Lu Ling Xi and Yan in the primary entrance. "Huh?" Lu Ling Xi bit surprised, then laughed, "I am Ling Xi Lu, Yen brother and you said?" Imagine this scenario let Lu Ling Xi's mouth curled unconscious, sleepy on the Bay, the final blurry sleep. Ye Yan Kang on Vietnam are not rivals, had changed the subject. "How do you suddenly Chukyo lujia interested?"

Wang Shuxiu attention quickly shifted to another thing recently keen, fatten Lu Ling Xi. She always knew that their own son was, after all, is the matter with her, as long as she was not a bit backward, not to mention the advantages of Lu Ling Xi entirely lug her and the devil in length. Just past Lu Ling Xi too rebellious, but likes heavy metal gothic visual kei what she did not understand these things all day to see a face painted like people, she can not remember how long have not seen clean Ling Xi Lu a face. The Lu Ling Xi after the accident alternate personality, and nothing in his face painted Stop being a hypocrite. Wang Shuxiu see the landing Lingxi pale little face, really made him look like, the only bad is a little too thin, especially adolescent boys boy or a good strong point. Old uncle Lee on here, one of a small doll, Lu Ling Xi'd not feel anything. Lee uncle who is to be said that there is a smell shocked, I thought Lee uncle to see what comes. Contrary Dulin said with a smile, "Yes, yes, I feel comfortable and stay with Konishi. Feelings turned out to be such a thing."

"Hissing" black wrapped around big black probe from the body, showing their presence. I do not know the sun, the little boy looked at some black, but her eyes are big and bright, very aura. Lu Ling Xi nodded, directed at the boy kindly smile. "Big black back." He greeted loudly.Crotamiton Yan see of him seriously thought suggested: "The? Better to buy a computer bookkeeping" "How? This is what happened a few months ago?" Li Dayong hearts of suspicion, watching Fang Lei disturbed asked.

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