High-light Dyestuff

Yekang Song tone, but also with the mood to joke, "I am not a cropper like. By the way, how well you sleep recently?" Zhanglao nodded, which he knew how, but looking at the child asked the seriousness, still smiling Father listened down. Lu Ling Xi leaving Shihai told not forget, next time there is such a thing must remember to inform him. Small stone "Oh," a cry, squinting his eyes, loudly: "Auntie I want to drink."

"Before the patient's head being hit, may cause central nervous system have been affected, this is not a big problem, and raised some time just fine." Black is the color left Ling Xi Lu, N.T people to Fengcheng, and more convenient with a black color. Lu Ling Xi accustomed to black around his wrist, more is stuffed into the black coat pocket. Sometimes a customer just wants to climb out of the black, and each time it was just stuck his head Lu Ling Xi to press back. It soon out of town, the driver is also estimated less encountered such outsiders Zheng New River, excitedly told him all the way. Approaching the spirit of water village, the driver schematically Zheng New River toward the front, "See, the big willow tree is the spirit of water village, next to the house there is a large willow garden, which raised flowers are notoriously good." Lu Ling Xi Speaking of these, her eyes sparkling, Yan see of the eyes, although she is not willing to Lu Ling Xi tired, but less willing to blow his enthusiasm, only nodded. "You got the wrong guy." Lu Ling Xi lips bent a faint smile, and so the color one to one to chat up. I do not know how long, Wang Shuxiu pounding on the door to remind him go to bed early, she would go to bed. Ling Xi Lu some confusion promised a cry, rapid heart suddenly jumped up bang bang bang. He did not understand how it happened, but obviously you want to go out to accompany Yan Big Brother chat will be days, why do bad things like the same. That day morning, the Yen received a Sulang telephone call asking if he has no time to take a look at the small West to their organizations. He just wanted to catch a meal points up an excuse and adolescents eat a meal, the results did not expect the unexpected has become the partner of juveniles. Wait until Dulin rushed over, and after a series of handover, they have no time to eat. Secretly rubbing his stomach before he saw the boy, can Dulin performance hurry, a teenager said nothing, all the way with the Dulin behavior. One person, one dog Shumenshulu straight corner flower market dropped those half-dead plants and flowers, carefully rake up.

Lu Ling Xi had obediently bathed, changed Wang Shuxiu prepared to give him a pure white cotton shorts and a light-colored T-shirt back to the house. Wang Shuxiu pack is still out, thinking of Ling Xi Lu will see the book, but how all but quiet. He was a bit nervous in the house two laps to go, the more hesitant to give Yan a message. Lu Ling Xi sigh of relief, he was the first time I saw such a large black fear something. They back yard was about to come in, all the way to the Black quietly suddenly exclaimed, hunched suppress the anger directed at the door growl.High-light Dyestuff "That is absolutely not feed live, die, whenever there is a hint of possibility, those who can not bear to throw." Gained much gas, peak brother must marry the boss and flowers, this old cop would dare to dig Peak brother corner. He turned and put the matter told Xiao Feng, indignation on the phone and asked: "? Do you want me to beat him up and fly two"

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