Ethyl Crotonate

Lu Ling Xi blinked, embarrassed, said, "You remember the left and right reversed." "Yin Seiran!" Yinyong De angry knocked crutches. Lu Ling Xi think of those dishes are truly natural, than the market to buy food more delicious. Want a small restaurant business is good, Wang Shuxiu craft is one thing, tasty raw materials is also very important.

Watching childhood obedient son, Luguang Jing difficult to make his guarantee. Lu Ling Xi said nothing, just open a pair of dark eyes will be looking at Luguang Jing. Black appears from the Tibetan mastiff has been wary, hear the cry of the Tibetan mastiff outdone bared teeth also muffled roar loudly. Fang Lei face the beginning of the interest has disappeared, he turned into a weird. He just kind of illusion that dogs seem to be in negotiations. This feeling too obvious, but how could that be? I looked on that big yellow dog aggressive, why it has to be afraid of an old dog? Why would get away? Fang Lei shook his head, that he is certainly influenced by the big black. Saw a large black dog so spiritual, the dog seems to feel around them have become spiritual. Fang Lei drove past the entrance to the village when the dog before being blocked man has gone, and the little boy and the big yellow dog still standing. Big yellow dog in front of the little boy whispered, cried, the little boy nodded solemnly, as if able to understand what the big yellow dog in the same call. Xue Tong Xin joy, "Did you find anything?" Zhanglao not care: "The so-called good blue daughter hard to find, this strain of orchid product phase is quite good, is sure to be valuable, the small land we discuss.." Taxi stopped at traffic lights, on the far side of the sidewalk, a small white milk from the dog owner is struggling to embrace it. It seems to be the owner of the dog can not stand the little milk toss, squat put it on the ground, while carefully protecting hand in the surroundings. Small milk dog with open wet eyes looked around curiously, tentatively held out his front paws a step. There is no danger. Small milk dog was about to take that next step, just a little girl passed by, saw it surprise shouted. Small milk dog was scared cry, turned and stumbled flew the owner's arms, never refused to come out. Anesthesia soon play a role, big dog sleeping in the past, Lu Ling Xi to be freed. Dongzhi evacuated asked him one, go careful on the road. Lu Ling Xi shook his head, did not intend to go halfway, he wanted to wait until the situation finally ask the big dog. When just touched the big dog, he just felt under the palm emaciated body, there are several obvious scar areas. He had not seen stray dogs, if not naive enough to think that all dogs like lujia main house raised as Youguangshuihua golden bird, but did not expect to be so thin, feeling like a bone frame . In order not to trouble, Lu Ling Xi quietly stepped back, was standing to the side of the face. "I'll go and ask Dongge." If so watch case is hardly surprising, curious child is being bullied by a dog looking for help, one person, one dog Peihemoqi the school bully a few lessons meal. Results parents are teaching students the police, the police investigation down soon found one wrong place. If only such a case is nothing, but after another police received several pieces of similar cases. These things soon attracted the attention of the above, the exchange of people and animals from things secretly transferred to the next plane.

The more relaxed attitude Yan, Lu Ling Xi also followed down the heart. They were packed with six less than back home. 301 door to door is the Xiao Feng.

Sulang in a telephone laughed, brisk tone, "Yan total to cast so much money, not the effect I am sorry to find you, right?" Lu Ling Xi saw Wang Shuxiu perfunctory, was for some big black grievances. The more he thought of Yan, claiming many people like big black, more like big black color. Yen also wanted to adopt the large black, every day he went to see a large black stuff.Ethyl Crotonate Luguang Jing Lu Ling Xi from the eyes do not see any emotion, not happy nor unhappy. Lu Ling Xi He wants to speak something, but only silence Lu Ling Xi looked at him ...... Luguang Jing embarrassed looked away, gingerly touched the soft hair Ling Xi Lu, also like to ensure that such commitments: "The small West, this after the surgery, my father send you to study abroad. " After a simple wash, Lu Ling Xi dressed all the way down the stairs. And now, as of July, small garden planted pansies opened brightly. Colored flowers contests, against the orange sunrise swaying slightly, strong colors people's mood suddenly brightened.

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