The blue cyanine B

Xiao Feng to a small restaurant, easy route to see the upstairs window. "The youngest Look, brother to the peak." Yan Fang Lei have not seen in Vietnam, and he found Konishi is what I do for you? Xiao Feng some mixed feelings, he is not afraid of retribution ago, earning dirty money, it should not hospice. But after a few days so leisurely day, followed by Wang Shuxiu eat a few meals, Seeing good life waiting for him, and began to fear. He remembered the far northwest of Big Brother, Big Brother then act violently fighting hard also ruthless than him, and win their hearts and met sister obediently cultivation, good deeds, law-abiding, almost as a living Buddha. He used to understand, and now understand about Big Brother mentality.

Xiao Feng so that the cub back to taste. Floret boss only after peak Brother, what a good brother peak gas to gas is gas that old bitch. This is the first cub put down this thing, but it is thought the cub Xiao Feng said Wang Shuxiu high Yongliang back with a gift. Speaking Wang Shuxiu he knew for so long, what not to send a gift. He also did not expect this, that the net worth of property to Wang Shuxiu by the Wang Shuxiu like flowers, not the so-called romance. Speaking of spider plants, do not know Ling Xi Lu is not the illusion, he felt basin spider plants on the windowsill recovery seems a little too good. Within a few days time, before the soft yellow leaves lying completely straight up, like a glossy green leaves of specially care as before. Yesterday, doctors rounds with a group of nurses, and nurse him boast spider raised well, to learn from him. Lu Ling Xi had not previously raised plants and flowers, he did not know whether suspicious, spider plants watering can be restored only by so doing, or is it all about and mysterious white panel? "Mom still awake, still clean up the house." Yan said the more so, Ling Xi Lu also did not want to understand that after this thing on the mind. Lu Ling Xi's interest piqued, he was like a fun toy, all attention is focused on the use of groping panel above. Until shimmering sky, Ling Xi Lu did not understand the sudden appearance of the panel in the end is what, just know that by this he seems to white panels can be seen on the windowsill pots Chlorophytum needs. Once he meets the requirements Chlorophytum, as if playing a game will get a little heart plants. He looked at the following long pitiful 1/100 (0-order) showed some curious if he won the heart of the 100-point plant upgrade what will happen? They left with a big black willow turned into the big house yard Uncle Lee, Uncle Lee looked very happy they came, hastened to greet them to wash their hands for dinner. Aunt Lee tonight to prepare hot pot, hot pot on the table, surrounded by four disc thinly sliced ​​mutton and other side dishes. A cooking pot, a rich aroma lingering between the nose. Yan see of his way not soft-hearted, Couguo grab landing Lingxi kissed several times. "That a deal, I'll give them a few Fang Lei Kang and call." Almost unconsciously Lu Ling Xi released spirit scanning white panel surfaced.

Luguang Jing Li Yao again interrupted, then told the steward to send out Luguang Jing, Li did not want to have home and home land of what is involved. Off the Luguang Jing, Li Yao Li Caiying turned to the room. The doctor said mining surplus just played tranquilizers to sleep. Li Yao sister looked pale and slim face, a deep sigh. He did not know how to put surplus mining days go into now. Taoxintaofei eldest son is a supercilious look wolf, sensible and well-behaved young son died early. She grabbed a lifetime of man is a wimp, from the individual to the middle-aged paranoia seriously crazy. If I had known this day would, then she will also fancy Luguang Jing, Lu insisted to marry at home? Fang Lei still curious little gray in the end is how got here, but unfortunately a small gray refused to answer this question, but Fang Lei do know the outside of the bird is closing tabby gray little brother, responsible for staring at him out of whereabouts. There are several like this only brother, located in the alleyways different places. If he had not just give tabby eat dried fish too angry to make a small gray, small gray nor incite to find him afterwards.The blue cyanine B Lu Ling Xi nodded, careful this strain won the Chunlan. "What do you mean little bastard! Also father and mother, you're trying to cheat his aging mother what?" Liu Mei Wang Shuxiu a pick, dig a slap shot in the head Ling Xi Lu.

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