Disperse Dyestuff

Two fly Hey laughed, "Let's afraid someone to make trouble." Lu Ling Xi hear what he meant, he stared shyly at him. Yen more chuckle, eyes intently watching the landing Ling Xi, the deep layer of the eye seems to be floating in the shallow Peninsula. Juvenile simple thought, all emotion written on the face. He asked softly: "Konishi happy?" Listen Sulang mentioned cyanides, NGAN more slight frown, "you know what village?"

Yin Jia, Yan home is a pool of two bad debts. Luguang Jing Li Yao again interrupted, then told the steward to send out Luguang Jing, Li did not want to have home and home land of what is involved. Off the Luguang Jing, Li Yao Li Caiying turned to the room. The doctor said mining surplus just played tranquilizers to sleep. Li Yao sister looked pale and slim face, a deep sigh. He did not know how to put surplus mining days go into now. Taoxintaofei eldest son is a supercilious look wolf, sensible and well-behaved young son died early. She grabbed a lifetime of man is a wimp, from the individual to the middle-aged paranoia seriously crazy. If I had known this day would, then she will also fancy Luguang Jing, Lu insisted to marry at home? Ye Kang: "......" Since the last fertilization, Ling Xi Lu in a small garden and met once Zhanglao. Old Zhang remembers his amnesia, and asks him how to restore the. I heard he was not remember things in the past, also specifically Zhanglao comforted him a few words. Lu Ling Xi knew that he was not amnesia, but still very grateful Zhanglao comfort. He accompanied Zhanglao once poured water, plus one after another to take care of spider plants and green radish hall, the heart of the plant on the panel finally rose 99/100 (0-order) from the upgrade're just one step away. "Drunk?" Ye Kang speculate, "is not usually too much stress will have this conjecture? You say who this person is, if you can bring him to worry about me, I do a test to see . " Black seems to listen to understand his words, short cry. It is the mother of Miss Yan butler mouth, is the only female Yinyong De Yin Seiran. I heard that her daughter's phone, Yinyong De took over. Some villagers looked at the old wells fortunate, "Fortunately, the first two at home are connected large tank full, did not come here to draw water." Lu Ling Xi crooked eyes, and prudent in front panel YES is selected, then his heart was put up. How panel will save this strain Chunlan? Like science fiction as it suddenly emits a white light? It will appear in front of Chunlan suddenly disappeared again had a good long roots? All kinds of strange thoughts in mind flashed Ling Xi Lu, the reality is - nothing happened.

From the rear, like Lu Ling Xi dogs are chasing the same in their lives. Plant survival degree: high Lu Ling Xi youngest of this name is quite suited, but think the other side is this body of a friend, he is now Lu Ling Xi, learn to adapt to the natural origin of life. Stupid dog, stupid look like!

Study abroad? Lu Ling Xi on, this really is a dream too far. From the third grade after his car accident, the mother refused to let him out of her sight. He invited her to a family of teachers, school arranged for him at home. He understood that his mother was worried about his health, but also believe that his mother is worried about his case after the accident, another child was too late to save his brother. The more relaxed attitude Yan, Lu Ling Xi also followed down the heart. They were packed with six less than back home. 301 door to door is the Xiao Feng.Disperse Dyestuff Lu Ling Xi knew this one reason, some timid smile. Before Shaw one million lint truth he dared and Xiao Dabo said, of course, also do not know Xiao Hong Xiao Ling Xi Lu one million followed in a few days, not only Dun Dun meat, as well as the evening supper happy easy life a. Yan also the more such a question, they have not seen for some time, the conversation soon turned elsewhere. Lu Ling Xi edgeways, attention is put back on the Rubescens. Sulang this is not to mention, he has been going on I forget things. Leukemia, bone marrow transplant, if they really Sulang developed a cure, can ease pre-leukemia enough. Ling Xi Lu thought of plant evolution, mind abruptly a move. Sulang can say Rubescens isolated a oridonin that evolution had rubescens isolated this substance will effect better? Especially this strain or variation rubescens, it is not the effect will be more different if evolution?

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