Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff

Lu Ling Xi At this point there is the brain of oxygen, the reaction for a few seconds to realize what color the asking. He looked up to some hesitation Yan Yue, "Yan brother you say will evolve plants, animals would not have evolved?" "All right, you wait for me pick a few tomatoes." Xiao Feng back in the day, Kang Ye also came Fengcheng. And the reaction time of the city as Xiaohong Gang, Ye Kang also change Fengcheng scared one. Via a high-speed toll, Fengcheng inside and outside urban areas like two seasons. While still as dull as winter, spring is already one side.

"Where have you been, looking for you for quite a hurry, with me running a discharge." Lu Ling Xi clutching his nose, reddish eyes, shook his head, "Nothing." The crowd dispersed after another, Wang Shuxiu sorting clothes went to the bathroom. Today she came out in a hurry, just random sets of a shirt and skirt. Just some water and a land tussle shirt long horrendous mess. Yi-Hang nodded, quite some sympathetic mean, "I'm not as good as the fourth of now, I have no problems started cooking, he estimated to be afraid even pot did not end too." Here easy route suddenly eyes light up, pull landing Lingxi lowered his voice, "you say let youngest fourth eldest how to come back, but also to follow your mother do, than what the gold medal chef learned much stronger." Easy route his father look another look, a little doubt that he is really seeing things. Yan also the more such a question, they have not seen for some time, the conversation soon turned elsewhere. Lu Ling Xi edgeways, attention is put back on the Rubescens. Sulang this is not to mention, he has been going on I forget things. Leukemia, bone marrow transplant, if they really Sulang developed a cure, can ease pre-leukemia enough. Ling Xi Lu thought of plant evolution, mind abruptly a move. Sulang can say Rubescens isolated a oridonin that evolution had rubescens isolated this substance will effect better? Especially this strain or variation rubescens, it is not the effect will be more different if evolution? In case if there cobra ran out, he would have cleared the northern outskirts of the bazaars. Small gray angrily waving claws, bluntly toward the direction of scratching Fang Lei mouth meow cried. Others fear that cooperation is to lose yourself, but it is fear of the other two co-suffer. Sometime down some, but Yan Lu Ling Xi said more had to step back and promised them each half. On a good cooperation, Lu Ling Xi found a piece of paper, carefully wrote an agreement stating that you wish to check and handed it to the Yen. Yan has been to work out more and get along with juvenile law, simply put away the agreement, and she saw a teenager at him crooked eyes, revealing a mouth looming small pear vortex.

He looked ecstatic, do not watch the boy was last seen suddenly jumped out from behind. "brother." Powell left his side, along with the Yen put down the hands of the notebook, look to the land being bookkeeping Ling Xi. "The guests are just old customers? How I was not impressed?" One leaves home is optimistic about the real estate market Fengcheng people. They have a strong financial background and the natural patron Yecheng, can be expected if the shot leaves home, for fear that no company can compete in the past. Father leaves reciprocated, specially shout Yan together more investment, more color was refused. He not only refused, Kang also recommended leaf leaves persuade Father to give up this plan. Kang Ye understand, the more color is not much to explain what. Out of the trust Yan Yue, Yan Ye Kang followed more together back in Beijing. He is now in front of the Father are also considered to put on it, how can not let Father should try to abandon the project. . "Easy route" Dulin hesitate to look to the land Ling Xi, he hesitated and said: "Lu Ling Xi?" Lu Ling Xi subconscious horde body, then ran up somewhat embarrassed. He held his hands inconvenient for action, it is feared will hand rubs mud on the color of the suit jacket, the action quite difficult. Leaving Lu Ling Xi can not understand that the more color you do not smell the odor? How well the mood now kiss him? "You got the wrong guy." So tepid to get along with, until the heavy rain have a breakthrough opportunity. Accustomed to a person at any time, and now, there was thunder and lightning personal by his side, helping to close the window to lock the door to check the house drain watertight, Wang Shuxiu heart suddenly set down, from the bottom of my heart recognized Xiao Feng The presence. Yen more like what did not hear the same look as always. Yan Yan Yongde looked more hesitant and want to say something, but eventually in the face of what seems to understand that in the eyes, to say a word. His most recent mood is quite good, of course, compared to his high Yongliang is happy. Time for the year, high Yongliang cosmetic preparations for many years has finally launched the market, relying on intensive advertising and strong public relations hype, high Yongliang was named "Plant family" skin care products to get a listing on a good reputation and steadily rise high sales record. Over the past few years of hard work has paid off, a high Yongliang really proud of. As high Yongliang Partner, Xue follow through naturally happy.

Lu Ling Xi keen sense out of his bad mood, thought his head and said: "?? Yan Brother you upset you because I heard you talking on the phone in the car yet." They left not long after, a land of water from a corner nook drilled out, foul-mouthed toward the car pulled away spat.Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff Lu Ling Xi touched the Black habitual head, the whole thing again and delete deleted by speaking again. Wang Shuxiu listening began to worry about the other thing. "And your partner like how that person? Do not be foolish enough to be sold also for the other to count the money?" Old uncle Lee on here, one of a small doll, Lu Ling Xi'd not feel anything. Lee uncle who is to be said that there is a smell shocked, I thought Lee uncle to see what comes. Contrary Dulin said with a smile, "Yes, yes, I feel comfortable and stay with Konishi. Feelings turned out to be such a thing."

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