High-wash Dyestuff

Lu Ling Xi "ah" sound. Wang Shuxiu these years is not thought a water and land divorce, leave this mess. But each time she mentioned land on a water landing Lingxi naughty egg. Although Lu Ling Xi Lu a water usually a scornful look, mentioning the divorce is definitely a land standing water here. Down several times, Wang Shuxiu no longer mention. She is such a son, also put up for Ling Xi Lu. Lai three sullen nod, hand to carry small stones out of the car.

Black night to eat a lot, Lu Ling Xi afraid to let some big black eat. Tomato half stars in terms of the big black thing is to satisfy desires, should not have much of a problem. Lu Ling Xi looked at the big black ears shook, his eyes suddenly lit up, Hazel pupil shines in his shadow, full of closeness and trust. Micro-gardening green radish long drooping branches, swaying, and Pachira is the Founder, smooth, magnificent. Obviously just two common plants, but a glance you can see the charm different from each other, even more unusual is that these are all potted plants are full of vitality, reveals a vibrant. Zhanglao eyes light up, catch landing Ling Xi wanted to go see. "Let's go look at Chunlan." Twenty minutes later, the Yen Ling Xi Lu drove to the door. During this time he sooner or later pick-Ling Xi Lu, from time to time to be in front of Wang Shuxiu perimeter. Wang Shuxiu from the default start now to occasionally to say hello and the Yen, the attitude has become increasingly softened. He said these words when the heart did not end, this strain of Clivia roots point of view is already mostly rotted away from the panel. Although he saw through the panel this strain of Clivia symptoms, but how treatment is still a problem. Lu Ling Xi looked carefully make sure no other problems and serious opening: "Your pots fruit vine no big problems, but probably before the lack of light, to go back to put in a bright place, to ensure that ambient air humidity is high, raising a raise Enough." Having directed more Dongzhi Yan embarrassed smile, umbrella rushed out the door. Careful study for a long time how to sow, Lu Ling Xi from the kitchen to pick up a pipe out of the backyard carefully poured into the wet ground. Air weeding easy afternoon he has put the time to turn it again. Lu Ling Xi by speaking of books, a uniform put the seeds down and then carefully covered in a layer of nutrient soil. "Wait, vital signs appeared."

Plant Requirements: Root rot "Konishi, this is not the carnation pots watering?" Yan did not say anything more, just to appease pat landing Ling Xi. He now has basically determined the juvenile said yesterday is true. Teenage worldly, also called Lu Ling Xi's name, there was the sound of fuzzy brother, Yan juvenile identity ...... more lowered her eyes, mind already care about. Dinner for two is already more than nine, Ye Kang in downtown Beijing have their own house, the more a person Yan Yan drove back to the mansion. Yan mansion located in Beijing's most prestigious at the foot of the Fragrant Hills, an area of ​​broad, is an antique four into the courtyard. When Yan Yue grandfather built this year Zhaizi and think of Yan Jiazi Sun flourishing, beauty and a beautiful life together. Unfortunately, until the old man died, the mansion owner Yan Yan and only three of the parents and the Yen. Still later, the parents leave young Yan Yan were moved out of the house, the owner of this house also left the Yen a person. "Your friend is dead, his family has sad?" "Konishi, this is not the carnation pots watering?"

Dongzhi dumbfounding moment, replied:. "Its previous owner was too lazy, call it two Ha, no formal name." "Konishi, noon to eat what you want?"High-wash Dyestuff Lu Ling Xi blinked, "sound? So you think it is a big black nosy What is that? Do not ask?" "Black!" Lu Ling Xi tilted called Black loudly.

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