High-light Dyestuff

"Also." Wang Shuxiu shook hands and do not want to owe favors peak brother, even if the house thing. Lu Ling Xi itch laughed, pushed open the big black head, while helping it along the hair, while himself:? "I think Yan brother does not seem happy, but do not know how happy I did not when a person is, there are not a large black nor friends, but I am happy when a person is, there is no close friends. Whether happy or unhappy, I hope to have a man around, and I can share the joy, anger funeral music." Three to the small restaurant, far to see the door of a small restaurant filled with allelic person. How to say now or early spring, these people one by one cold red nose, do not know how long to wait outside. This is a small restaurant nearby residents basically chose the pack to go home, or else people queuing small restaurant has more than now. By Wang Shuxiu pregnancy, whether it is a small restaurant or open another new store expansion plans have stopped direct result of the now small restaurant area is too small, no matter what time dinner was a sellout need to wait in line for half a day. Fortunately, Lu Ling Xi Hang advance has been easy to say loudly that they do not need the other guests downstairs and grab a seat, you can eat directly upstairs.

Xiao Hong and Xiao Feng move those things in the yard, he said a few words to take away one million Shaw. Xiao Feng came into the room, Wang Shuxiu looked over, "Brother it, not here in the evening for dinner?" Wang Shuxiu from the side took a mug, poured a bowl of chicken soup open. Lu Ling Xi coma before the time do not need to eat as long as the infusion line, and now he woke up, the infusion is to die alone, nutrition must keep up. Just pour a little hot chicken soup, Wang Shuxiu while stirring with a spoon to take, while habitual whispered complained: "aging mother can not work at night to sleep, to rely on the morning would make sense, do not sleep in the morning now, and every day had to you get to eat. If you dare not later filial piety, his aging mother to find someone to break your legs. " Lu Ling Xi he should have died. He also thought that the last thing a small stone, Fang Lei forgot to big black matchmaker, did not think he remembers, but also to face the New Year so one. Lu Ling Xi explained:. "I've worked here." White panel again surfaced. Dead plants, whether consumed a little force of nature saved? Then he realized Dongzhi shop and others, it came yesterday sent a large black man, seems to be called the Yen. They arrived, the nearest Sulang has arrived. He was alone in a box holding a cell phone does not know what to see. Hear the voice box to open the door, close the phone with a smile Sulang looked in the past, "how so slow?"

Easy navigation: "......" Black slowly off guard, whispered landing Lingxi shouted. Lu Ling Xi hear what it means, some doubts glance Daliushu schematically Yan more they go first.High-light Dyestuff Besides immediately in respect of winter yard tomatoes not going to result. He wanted to eat tomatoes, grape seed system rewards also very curious, if peak Geken in greenhouses inside try just fine. Holding these thoughts, Lu Ling Xi split off some seeds, grape tomatoes also gave Wang Shuxiu, so she suggested that an appropriate part of the species Xiao Feng. Yan Ling Xi Lu felt more of inattentive, slightly away from the boy, raised an eyebrow, "What are you thinking?"

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