Ethyl Crotonate

Ya Yin not very concerned about, "Maybe we are looking at the car." Lu Ling Xi discharged when the possessor of left field spider sister. Pots Chlorophytum raised by his great foliage Shuzhan Qing Cui dripping with the words of Tian sister to see a feel good mood. Tian sister like Lu Ling Xi also pleased. It was he raised pots Chlorophytum pot plants first, he helped found as a major contributor to the white panel, pots Chlorophytum has a very special significance in the land Lingxi heart. If he had too many things piecemeal, they rely on him and Wang Shuxiu with two things and then really take hold Chlorophytum not go back, Lu Ling Xi can not bear to leave it. Lu Ling Xi: "......"

"Oh." Lu Ling Xi casually promised a cry, got up to go. Yan is more a hold of him over here eyes were full of tempting tender. Yan brought back the lips, deep voice, "Konishi not promise you good?" Lu Ling Xi look shyly, the more points Yan half quilt. The more tightly the Yen Lu Ling Xi contentedly rub his arms, what about juvenile pat on the back, coaxed him to sleep. Lu Ling Xi unknowingly sleep in the past. Sleep at night, she woke up suddenly frozen. He woke up, went with the Yen woke up. He and the only mining surplus in Ann who spent so much of the mind, in the end they became the only selfishly forced Ann alive, they sorry for him. Luguang Jing really do not know in the end what went wrong? Why would become the only safe now? He remembered how a child is the only safe and well-behaved, with the mining surplus feeling how good, can not remember the blink of an eye everything looks like a. Uncle Lee grateful heart, again and again to ensure that he will be optimistic Xu Third, do not let what Xu three dynamic crooked brains. Yan smiled more, he dare not afraid of Xu Xu three three have any thoughts. Lee uncle do not know, the last three Xu Ghost Ship was really a child. Uncle Lee did not even looked at, he did not dare to do. The Yen saw more black with a big past, Xu three legs shake. The more I heard Yan hired him at night in the flower garden the night man, Xu three have been prepared to agree, I heard that to take care of the dogs, who are almost soft. Seen the boy, patience with big black on as a half-hour, the pigment can not find a reason to stay any longer. Xiao Feng and Lu Ling Xi pack are relatively simple, changed clothes, a little dot on the makeup like. Wang Shuxiu more trouble, inside and out to take care of four or five, had to do modeling. Xiao Feng is not urging, patiently sat waiting for Wang Shuxiu makeup. Fang Lei nodded. After competitive bidding, South City development soon put on the agenda. Yanshi Hui teeth borrowed a sum of money, a third of the speed move out within the scope of development residents. Under the eye, Yanshi Hui move the first shovel of soil, the project team soon follow, along the direction of his digging down. Small stones clutching his stomach grumbles aggrieved, "My stomach hurts, I have to pee."

"Konishi, we're a family." Lu Ling Xi eyes fell on the words the power of nature, and looked slightly surprised. He thought he was white panels have a basic understanding of what the sudden force of nature? Heart of plants and what is the difference? The scene took place in front of fast, sometimes a little Ling Xi Lu did not react. By the time the ward heard outside noise came out to look at the situation, Lu Ling Xi realized something. Lu Ling Xi instinctively hugged from behind rushed to the man's waist, limiting the man's actions. He had never been in a fight, do not know how to help Wang Shuxiu. But according to his wish, a land and water can not move, Wang Shuxiu how can one account for the upper hand. In his view, the men how women play? Especially the woman or Wang Shuxiu. Wang Shuxiu Having returned to the living room, Lu Ling Xi is aware of a big problem, and he has not said Wang Shuxiu work to do. He secretly looked Wang Shuxiu expression, well-behaved and sat down beside Wang Shuxiu of. Old uncle Lee on here, one of a small doll, Lu Ling Xi'd not feel anything. Lee uncle who is to be said that there is a smell shocked, I thought Lee uncle to see what comes. Contrary Dulin said with a smile, "Yes, yes, I feel comfortable and stay with Konishi. Feelings turned out to be such a thing." Qiu Tian scale gardening and flower garden gardening green Xuan almost see a continuous margin. Xiao Feng early step, relying on a green pickup truck while waiting for the Yen, while the habitual place of a cigarette. Qiu Tian on the name, Xiao Feng've never heard less. Fengcheng gardening the first person on the list is one of the best Fengcheng rich people, the results turned upside down overnight, and finally not hospice. Su grandfather and Sulang in hospital for a while and left. Wang Shuxiu also pick up something ready to go, she is a director of KTV, unlike during the day, at night it is the customer more things and more time. They knew that the police is unclear. Fang Lei after the hospital received the alarm, rushed to the hospital immediately. Then they hospitalized patients and those related relatives launched an investigation, but did not find anything unusual. Knowing these people are residents songjiazhuang after Fang Lei and non-stop with people arrived songjiazhuang. Wang Shuxiu one to know how it is, "Well, ultimately, the big black chicken." Ling Xi Lu Yan and Vietnam are not afraid of snakes, Wang Shuxiu be at home there, if scared Wang Shuxiu bad.

Yen more casual, "not on the table a number of small means nothing."

Lu Ling Xi shook his head, "her mother said something now, I would be call back." Against the three opposite apologetic eyes, Lu Ling Xi shook his head, "No, I have forgotten."Ethyl Crotonate Yen more faint glanced at him, "That's just, I have something for you to do." For rain, weather Fengcheng is also very unexpected, completely without any prior warning. I do not know how else this year, China country weather is very unusual, southwest side who are in humid areas, yet a whole summer without rain the next few games, there have been rare drought in decades. Fengcheng good point here, although temperatures are ridiculously high, but every once in a while there will always be heavy rain, drought still not powerful. The most puzzling is the Northwest, as a traditional drought-hit areas, this is actually too much rain, and broke out several small-scale flooding. These news added together, just kind of Chinese national climate all hell broke loose feeling.

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