Methyl 3-aminocrotonate

Yen more silent, she whispered:. "I met a boy" He said, to watch the people around them rushes up immediately. Xiao Feng listening Shenran, sometimes do not know how to answer this question, a long while before saying:. "Konishi has been big, some things when the mother, do not worry about"

Lu Ling Xi big black eyes to see some pampering, whispered cry. Lu Ling Xi side of a run on the big black horse with him in the side, but always refused to exceed Ling Xi Lu. One person, one dog being run Interestingly, the village saw the big black dog have followed up. Soon the effort behind Lu Ling Xi's just like a pack of dogs. These dogs are afraid restraint than the big black, there are several lengtouqing want big performance in front of a black, just ran a little faster was the big black to scold lived. Wang Shuxiu and doctors are being pulled quickly release the doctor's hand, a few steps rushed to the bedside. Yan knocked on the car, Chen Sheng said: "I go abroad convalescence Foreign made illusion." Off the Father Su, Lu Ling Xi from behind the cash register to hold a kindred variation rubescens. These days rubescens looks good, lush color, he looked very lovable, but still no sign of evolution. Enter a micro gardening, Zhaolao eyes suddenly flash of color. Every day, playing with plants and flowers, natural gardening can see inside these micro-raised pot are quite good, it can be said to be vibrant, loveable. He was surprised to see the Ling Xi Lu, just feel juvenile Houshengkewei. The idea behind this let Lu Ling Xi uneasy. The idea is not just too weird, he never heard anything like that happened, he is now more than the original body healthy too, so he has a sense of guilty. He imagined that strangers boy woke up in his body, face mutilated body had just finished surgery, I do not know what will be the panic? The night before surgery, his father has promised to send him abroad to study surgery done. To some extent seems to have been able to read one of his obsession, but think of Wang Shuxiu hard, Lu Ling Xi do not think the idea of. In fact, reading is not reading all the same, anyway, he did not go to school how you really want to go back to school may not be able to adapt. Besides he is also quite good now. Lu Ling Xi want good, so he left the hospital, to find a job gardening store. Both play a role in the panel and can take care of the plants and flowers to collect the heart of plants, but also to make money to feed themselves, let Wang Shuxiu not so hard. "Work?" Easy route to the interest, to see strange smile Lu Ling Xi, "I know it very suitable for the present have a job for you. Do you remember my cousin, right? Read gardening is that cousin, graduation can not find working his own home garden shop. she is now pregnant, is looking for someone to help her Kandian it. I think you have the third point that afternoon weeding intentions strength, her Kandian absolutely no problem. " Powell left his side, along with the Yen put down the hands of the notebook, look to the land being bookkeeping Ling Xi. "The guests are just old customers? How I was not impressed?"

Lu Ling Xi somewhat unnatural looked away, a slight reddening of the ear tip. One leaves home is optimistic about the real estate market Fengcheng people. They have a strong financial background and the natural patron Yecheng, can be expected if the shot leaves home, for fear that no company can compete in the past. Father leaves reciprocated, specially shout Yan together more investment, more color was refused. He not only refused, Kang also recommended leaf leaves persuade Father to give up this plan. Kang Ye understand, the more color is not much to explain what. Out of the trust Yan Yue, Yan Ye Kang followed more together back in Beijing. He is now in front of the Father are also considered to put on it, how can not let Father should try to abandon the project. Street not far from the home land, Lu Ling Xi landing afar house. He lived there for eighteen years, but still feel very, very strange house. "Wang Shuxiu your son now." Another voice warned. What Wang Shuxiu say, I hesitated for a long or waved Lu Ling Xi go wash your face. Taking advantage of Ling Xi Lu in the bathroom, Wang Shuxiu pout to a booklet stuffed Lu Ling Xi portable archive. She thought for a night, that can only be the case. Lu wanted a water well, did not expect to actually follow the dog around Ling Xi Lu. The dog was a call out, his feet on the soft. Finally summon the gas, but also followed the little bastard people go. However, land-water touched his chin, little bastard got to know what this rich, enough to look at the car and then he also turned over a gambling debt. Do not know how the relationship between the little bastard in the end and the other kind? Can I borrow some money save emergency? Over the years, Yan Yan Yongde on more guilt. Missing Yan Yuecheng long process of parents, of course, we have both parents irresponsible on the inside, but to some extent also his grandfather and the Yen due to a wrong decision. Today, the age of Yan longer, more weak and family relations. Yan Yongde see in the eyes, but could do nothing. He sighed sake, it would be fine. The more Yan Yan Yue, Yin Yin Ya Ya is. Daughter confused, he had not confused. Lu Ling Xi worried looking out the window, since the last rain, nearly more than half of Fengcheng not been raining. This time Fengcheng air is very dirty, the air full of dust. He remembered the last time rain pollution, some worried that this would be same as last time. Easy route dress and went to the hospital the day while watching Lu Ling Xi almost big black skull t-shirt, holes in jeans, his face with hair is colorful, just like the poster person Lu Ling Xi before the pack to come out the same. Fang Lei shook his head, "is not a case of something. Do you remember the last time small stones accident, there are a few stray dogs to help find a small stone, right?"

Yen more scowled and whispered: "I'm afraid." This time he could not help began to miss the big black, on the alert and chasing people, you had better throw big black black one hundred street. Vietnam Yen sighed: "If a large black or Fang Lei in just fine." Tian sister did not care for him, "I came, you know where these things a young man how to clean up. By the way, a small land you have not given your mother cry?"

. "I was in a small restaurant" Lu Ling Xi is very happy, "but ......" He hesitated and said: "? Today is Mama peak brother to dinner, Yan brother do you want to come over." Uncle Lee said into the house and saw Lu Ling Xi and appease him for a long time. Lu Ling Xi to say they are not afraid, be against Lee uncle loving eyes, can only swallow the mouth the words.Methyl 3-aminocrotonate When the day dawn, the Yen got up. He has been sleeping late at night is not practical, afraid juvenile chilled sick from time to time to touch young forehead. Gently kissed the sleeping boy, Yan got more softly. He had no intention to look out the window, suddenly stunned. Actually snowing outside, he was a bit surprised, Fengcheng is located in the north, now in early November, how will suddenly snowing? No matter what color the more staggering, snowing outside are the facts. He opened the balcony stood out, just next door to Xiao Feng also opened the door and walked out. Man's voice was deep and pleasant, Lu Ling Xi squat on the ground, from his point of view man, tall man just felt incredible. He could not see the man's face, only to hear a man's voice regret, "That is a pity, I was ready to adopt it."

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