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Tian sister to see Ling Xi Lu thought he was shaking his head no cell phone, Lu Ling Xi was going to say let her take the phone call, suddenly reaction over. Tian sister is from the heart like Lu Ling Xi, Wang Shuxiu though men think not on the finger, there is also the value of such a son. Lu Ling Xi made an effort, careful hand on the white dot in the panel. Burst water, blue flash, the central black panel screen lights up, a pot of slightly withered spider plant appeared in the screen above. Chlorophytum is next to the small print three lines: Direction Ling Xi Lu Wang Chaoliang pointing down looked curious: "? That was it central rainforest Been"

Uncle Lee is not only home is the case, and different city, basically every household in rural yard love something to keep the species usually eat. Formerly home to eat because of a reason not to fight drugs, although the species out of something wonderful, but the yield is not much. This time do not know how, yield attached turned several repeated. Today the village but worry about how to do these things? So eat rotten to the ground pity, out to sell it, go near the vicinity of the village are like them, will buy. It goes far to Fengcheng, and some worth while. Ate two bowls, Lu Ling Xi stopped down. Wang Shuxiu also continue to rely on his flesh, and told him, "eat." Seeing landing Lingxi eat almost, Tian Wang Shuxiu filed before things she said Tuesday. "Mom left you some money, you first afternoon sleep. Woke up to find easy route and let him take you out around there a bookstore, then buy a few high school book, we reported a few days classes , the former Bubu, not when the school do not understand anything. "Wang Shuxiu final word, apparently already decided the matter. "Go downstairs to buy something." Lu Ling Xi explained. Yan eyes seemed to burn with the flame, as if floating in one eye deep shallow light. He looked down at the boy, one hand resting on the head of the juvenile, the juvenile's hand clutching his hand, stacked his hands so that he could not resist sweet shuddered. Yi Ling Xi Lu Hang poked schematically said: "? Youngest looking for work, this is not your cousin positive hiring you." Kang Ye staring at his face with interest. "I guess, close to Cape sudden news release patenting is not a ghost you engage in?" Lu Ling Xi also see the telescope, nervously: "There is danger?" Lu Ling Xi hear concerns Yen more thoughtfully. "Konishi did not you think so serious. Eighty per cent of Fang Lei often find a small stone speak some things to solve the case, the small stones subconscious Fang Lei characters in the story as idols growing up, there will be boys in this stage, hero worship and longing, waiting for him on the big points and then sensible. " Xiao Hong and Xiao Feng said privately, to be followed by the Beijing tourism, mainly Xiao Man want to check checkup. They also married for ten years, has no children. They also checked before, said the body is no problem. If the body can not question Why not pregnant? Xiao Hong myself have does not matter, no kids no children, now, they are also very good over a lifetime, is Xiao Man could not pass this threshold, the children did not feel sorry for Xiao Hong.

Lu Ling Xi listen to the doctor talking about his operation to create a miracle. On the way the operation, he had once lost his vital signs, but a miracle happened, his heart stopped ten seconds after successfully beating up. He thought, perhaps surgery is not a miracle, but somewhere one kind of mysterious miracle. When this body's heart beating again, inside the body of the people is not the original Lu Ling Xi, but became him. The original owner of this body do? He is already dead? Or like him into a strange body, one originally belonged to his body? "What look?" Yan Sulang more away, came over to ask one. In addition to convenient billing, the more worried Yan Lu Ling Xi micro-gardening boring day stay, thinking for a computer, he can play the game to see what news. He'd like to buy a computer to send Lu Ling Xi, but would certainly not want to know that teenagers can only be sub-roundabout. "A man can do it? Do you want me to accompany you?" Tian sister a little worried. "what happened?" Lu Ling Xi looked Dulin a guilty conscience, softly: "? It is Calceolaria" The same is true of things. Lu Ling Xi will be just an incentive. Although the cause of this relatively large proportion, but in the end still Ya Yin Yan Sea and have grown up. Whether father or mother, are beginning to consider their future. Poor co-cake is so big, they want to eat, only forced him to spit it out. Yan combined for more Cape obsession is not large, on the contrary for the sake of family relationships, he co-P there is a trace subconscious disgust. Yen more just always believed that he would be willing to eat is one thing, being forced to spit it out is another matter. He sat in this position since become common knowledge, then step back and let him out of this position, he'd like to see the sea and Yin Yan Ya, how you would fight? Flower dishes Museum also opened for some time, completely in the area near the foothold. We all know that a mention of delicious home made dishes, the boss man really, something clean, people eat at ease. Every day from noon to night, business is very, very hot. Others are attracted to rush over from somewhere else to eat, eating is straight thumbs. Yen Vietnam did not mind, "Do I've never popular?" Homologous plant is selected homogeneous evolution?

"Sister I was wrong!" And he quickly and loudly. See Xue Tong Yan Yueming white, did not forget to watch for their own power, that is, the look on his face, his position in the circle stand out, those big gardening suppliers willing to face. Otherwise, the name of the micro-gardening banner go, you see, things will not be so smooth.The blue cyanine B Kang Ye silent for a long while, blunt the subject. "Yes, I said the name Ling Xi Lu how so familiar, just move the pots when suddenly remembered. Chukyo lujia you know, they called home youngest grandson Lu Ling Xi. But I heard two months ago has died." Ling Xi Lu Yan did not think the idea is to hold, decisive support and said:. "We can try possessor"

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