Methyl Crotonate

Ling Xi Lu looked at the time, unknowingly have six. Xiao Feng is not these days, every day he come back early to accompany Wang Shuxiu. "When I tidy up soon enough." He said as he stood in the doorway a few potted moved back to the store, the more color sleeves rolled up with him to pack up. Lu Ling Xi inspected the Black unscathed after politely thanked the door of a small police. When the other side of the landing Lingxi Black is another boast boast, Lu Ling Xi a happy and brought out a bag of grapes go back to the other side. Small police a look at the music, mind wondering party team from here take the dog out, it is estimated to know, but also no how to refuse. Seeing Wang Shuxiu chases over, land to pull a water landing Lingxi to go. Lu Ling Xi stood not move, Lu a water emergency, "the little bastard, I can not live depend on you."

He said in all seriousness, Yan Yue apex abruptly shocked. Lu Ling Xi obviously do not know where to know Huo Weiping agency news of the accident, mellowed in this way to comfort him. Yan just feel a little more soft mess, warm eyes to see the landing Ling Xi, "Well, listen to the small West." Waiting for him to clean up the dishes after dinner, Wang Shuxiu stopped him, "I came, and easy navigation you play it." She was a little distressed Lu Ling Xi. Hang Lu Ling Xi Yi bigger than it, every day, nothing is around. Lu Ling Xi go to work that are more than two weeks, and at night they still come back to read, I heard that also often seen at midnight. Follow the easy route previously little bastard when she Xiahun disappointing too little bastard, bastard now little disappointing, she began to feel bad little bastard. "Ah, I sleep, Yan brother you go to bed early." Lu Ling Xi "ah" sound, hand clinging to the Yen. "Brother you do Yan has been very good." He nodded firmly, sure road. "But better now." Lu Ling Xi joked, "Now I have a big black, has a mother, they have easy route, there Dongge, plus Yan brother, as well as micro-gardening, already has a lot of big black you is not it? " Tian sister in turn pulled landing Ling Xi asked him if he did not do, Lu Ling Xi grateful shook his head. He did not return to the ward, but followed behind Wang Shuxiu, and the like in the bathroom door. Du Lin Ling Xi Lu along the line of sight at the past, small white porcelain bowl in the corner, ten several flower flower exotic flowers together, yellow corolla was like slippers, a bit like the ancient purse. Across the red spots on the corolla small, very fresh and interesting, not just look at the spirit, some apathetic look. Some people speak angrily, while people around laughed. Kang Ye staring at his face with interest. "I guess, close to Cape sudden news release patenting is not a ghost you engage in?"

It'll soon settled, Ling Xi Lu Yan only know the more determined to Sulang their research investment, we do not know these things behind. Father to the store or the Soviet Union indignation speaking, Lu Ling Xi did not know where the bodies Sulang split into two parts, the other person in charge of treachery with their research data run.

The animal world is the theme of the tropical rainforest. Black looked familiar scene excited, "hissing" non-stop, it is from there. Land and water seemed to be a tough leaning up station, the more gratitude toward Yan nodded Tuiju said:. "Actually no, I was nothing serious."Methyl Crotonate Small stones had some fear, you can see these kids not afraid. He is deliberately to rely on three arrested, he knew Lai three bad guys, he wants to help Fang Shushu catch the bad guy. A few days ago to see a small stone Fang Lei casually talking, experts of the Fengcheng recently lost a lot of children, so that small stones attention point, do not always a person to run outside. A yellow small stones have relied, not afraid of anything. Today he was with A yellow hide and seek, the results met Fang Lei mouth traffickers. The other keeps saying to father took him to a small stone squinting his eyes followed them go. He knows A yellow will be behind him, he has to find the bad guy's house, and then took the police uncle to catch the bad guy. Black whispered whimpered, Weiweiququ promised down.

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