Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff

Lu Ling Xi said confidently, Wang Shuxiu suddenly stunned. Half recovered, she subconsciously on a slap shot Ling Xi Lu. The more we do not know Yan Ye Kang is worried about him, put away the phone strode across the street toward the micro-gardening. Lu said a water pathetic, Wang Shuxiu sneer up, "and then bet the son of a bitch? Aging mother to listen to your words are heard not know how many times, peak Brother respect of coal mines which take you to the northwest, the scourge of the province out I told you a land of water, you give up on this heart. His aging mother will not give you a penny, not only, but also to divorce his aging mother with you. "

Lu Ling Xi attended primary school located in Jing'an District, Beijing, this time coincides with the summer vacation, the students do not have a school, very quiet. Wang Chaoliang stood beside him, slightly with emotion, said:?. "Konishi you know the majority of the Earth's plants and animals which inhabit the tropical rain forest, rainforest can be said that most of life on Earth stronghold but now everywhere is deforestation, rainforest on Earth getting smaller and smaller in the long run really ...... " . "Know," Lu Ling Xi Yi Hang cling to the neck, squeezed in beside him casually: "If there is anything to the money another way fast enough." Lu Ling Xi looked positive Dunzaiqiangjiao finishing ceramic pots Yan Yue, obediently he said: "Well, I have no time to ask Yan brother?" Say, bitter grass ecological community development greatly exceeds the expected Ling Xi Lu. This long effort, you can see through the ice from the spirit of water flowing to the river village is already clear. There are dogs scuttling across the river ice in the water and saw a large black excitedly exclaimed. "Dead?" QiuJun some do not believe, "Lvshao, planted those trees going down horticultural workers may have seen, and that is basically nothing transplant to live, how this how long are dead yet. " Lu Ling Xi blushing nodded and thought said:. "The easy route they also call on it." After Luguang Jing home, a figure home empty, not even domestic workers do not know where he was. Rickets he sat on the sofa, watching the family portrait hanging on the wall opposite the house ...... soon be leaving him alone. These people investigated again, no one has noticed secretly attached to the deck below small black snake. Big black squatting in front, staring warily deck until everyone is out of the room, it just slowly walked around the Fang Lei.

Some nurses who were eyewitnesses, even if not seen or heard Wangshu Xiu Ling Xi Lu and his father fight something, privately Wang Shuxiu of sympathy came. Although Wang Shuxiu previous bad attitude, I do not know but think of Lu Ling Xi personnel has been unconscious in bed, the mother also really difficult to be still under the heart. Plus looks lovable Lu Ling Xi, Wang Shuxiu requirements for a promise. Easy route subconsciously looked Lu Ling Xi, was wondering how they are the illnesses. Last youngest carry back off a trip to a willow saplings, that is evidently intended to QiuJun tree willow saplings carry back. Full name Qianlao money Yuanzheng, a retired vice president of the Association of Fengcheng flowers, also known gardening engineer, a plant belonging to hardcore enthusiasts, for many years has been engaged in research and the introduction of plant species cultivated landscape resources and so on. He did not say that curiosity is false, can engage in a lifetime of Qianlao flower plants, deeply understand the principle, nature magic sometimes not human can imagine. He looked at the top of this strain of Rieger begonias not the slightest trace of crossbreeding, exactly like a begonia evolution, yes, but not a mutation evolution. Yan in the heart Ling Xi Lu's body, almost immediately found his exception. "Konishi also heard Lu Branch?" "Boss." Andrzej side of the heart gossip excitedly while standing in front of the Yen. Lu Ling Xi surprised a moment, turned around to see the man nodded his head upturned.

Easy route pity, "How much?" "Ass with money, you can buy a cell environment? Do you smell that air, the park is absolutely standard."Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff "Ah?" Such a interrupt, Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu did not spare some time to answer, first I looked up to the Yen. Claiming to be the father of this body of men to land Lingxi first impression is not good, not because the other side wearing abjection and abusive, but kind of hard to describe the feeling.

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